image of qnet platinum star vc daoudi akram sharing qnet story
Platinum Star V Council Member Daoudi Akram shares his QNET story.

Like most of our most successful network marketing heroes today, Platinum Star VC Akram Daoudi did not immediately see or realise how he can be successful in QNET. Born with a heart of an achiever, he was already on his road, searching for avenues that will lead him to achievements when his friend introduced him to QNET about five years ago. What he saw in QNET was an ‘opportunity to achieve something’. He then grabbed that opportunity with both hands, worked hard and stayed on his path to success since then. He shares his QNET story in this interview.  

How was life before and after QNET?

I was a university student exploring the field of medicine. Coming from a middle-class family, I lived a comfortable life and I have always dreamt of earning a living on my own from a good, traditional job in my chosen field after I finish my studies.

With QNET, my life transformed 100%. I believe that I am now achieving what I think I would not be able to achieve in maybe 30 to 40 years. I have achieved my dreams within five years. I am now enjoying financial freedom.

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What was your greatest motivator or inspiration to achieve the Platinum Star rank?

Seeing other people successful is my greatest inspiration to achieve higher ranks.

When people start in the business, I look for commitment. When I see commitment, I make sure that the person nurtures it until it develops into his or her own personal achievement. Realising that I somehow became a tool to inspire and motivate people achieve their dreams keeps me going. It makes me long to achieve more so I can help more people.

The Group Performance rank advancement and maintenance requirement helps me stay on track—through this, I can ensure that my downlines are constantly working on their product sales targets and are being compensated for their sales efforts on a regular basis.

As a leader, I have to make sure that I don’t miss out on small details. We should help them set achievable targets and celebrate little milestones. We should openly appreciate small achievements to keep our downlines motivated and help them stay committed—these have become my personal habits and I am enjoying every bit of it. This mindset and practise led me to my Platinum Star journey.

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Any daily success habits or routines to share?

Plan every day. I don’t begin my day if I don’t have a plan or a program for the day, for the full day. From the morning to the hour of sleep. This way, you will not waste time on things that will not help you achieve your goals. Use your time wisely and enjoy every bit of it.

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