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Developing the right eating habits is very important to start your weight loss journey.

Kissing your fat goodbye is easier said than done, right? We know that losing weight is not an easy feat, and at the end of the day, self-discipline is all we need to win that battle. But, don’t lose hope. Weight loss can be a reality for you.

Here are two very simple ways you can start building a disciplined routine when it comes to food and portion sizes. Creating these habits will, in the long run, help you bid farewell to your excess “baggage”.

Habit #1: Eat Breakfast Like A KING

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Happy breakfast, Your Majesty!

You need the energy to fuel your body and get it ready for the day. That’s when you’re more active, engaging in a variety of physical and mental activities that require fuel. You also burn more calories in the morning. A big and nutritious breakfast can help reduce the risk of unhealthy food cravings, and stops you from overeating as you’ll be fuller for longer.

Habit #2: Dine Like A Pauper

As tempting as it is not to, you really shouldn’t be a king all day long. Give yourself a rest and take the crown off for a bit. You tend to eat more calories in the evening as you are no longer in the mad work rush. You catch yourself feasting at dinner because it’s the perfect time to catch up with friends and gather with family. However, the calories consumed in the evenings are not burned as much and are stored as fat instead, so eat light and don’t eat late.

Try to build these two habits for a few weeks and see the difference it can make to your weight loss progress and your dimensions.

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Image of cup of qafe green coffee for weight loss qnet
QNET’s Qafé Green Coffee with Nutriose® – your weight loss buddy.

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