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From Photography to Direct Selling Success – QNET New Diamond Star V Council Member Hassan Alsoud


Similar to the majority of accomplished direct sellers, QNET new Diamond Star and V Council Member Hassan Alsoud did not instantaneously recognise or comprehend how he can be successful in QNET. Being a hard worker with a work ethic that people rarely outdo, he was already on the look for ways that could take him to the next level and get him the lifestyle that he wanted. When he was introduced to QNET 10 years ago, he saw a unique opportunity to turn his life around by taking charge of his own life. He made sure not to pass the chance up and has held on ever since. VC Hassan has recently achieved the Diamond Star rank; a solid proof that hard work and persistence pay off.

How was life before and after QNET?

I was a professional photographer before I joined QNET. To prove yourself in photography is hard, as the competition in the industry is super fierce. Even though I was quite successful, I didn’t make much money. So, I didn’t have to think twice when the opportunity to join QNET presented itself.

I always gave the business a hundred and ten percent since day one. I am proud of it because it is the reason why I have a good life now. So, if you ask me, how is my life after QNET, I can say it’s completely turned around for the better. I have achieved complete freedom to do the things I want, whether it’s my lifestyle, traveling or just small things, for example, I get to wake up whenever I want in the morning.

What was your greatest motivator or inspiration to achieve the Diamond Star rank?

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I have many motivators who drive me to achieve higher, but one of the biggest ones that I drew a lot of inspiration from is my upline V Partner Mohannad Qais. He taught me many things, but one of the greatest lessons he gave me was the fact that ultimately you must help others to succeed in order to be successful yourself. I am honoured to have the opportunity to inspire and motivate others to succeed. Their success is my driving force.

Any daily success habits or routines to share?

Having good work ethics doesn’t hurt, I am proud to say that I get up earlier than my network and go to bed after them. However, just working hard is definitely not enough. You have to be smart too.

By working smart, I mean that you should use the tools that QNET provides you to your advantage. For example, the Group Performance rank advancement and maintenance requirement dashboard and QNET Mobile App help me stay on track as a leader. Goal setting and planning are also important. Always set goals for yourself and your team, because working without them is like aimlessly walking around with no destination to reach.


  1. I am really proud of you sir because one of the great successful story in qnet and, you told that hardwork is not enough but also we have to be smart. I have faced rejection but iam so happy. Without rejection no one business grow.


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