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Hair Care for Thicker, Stronger, and Fuller Hair In Your Thirties

Hair changes every seven years, so keeping it silky smooth will be a challenge. As one reaches their thirties, it’s time to rethink hair care as hair gets thinner and drier. Luckily, you can keep thicker, stronger, and fuller hair with the right diet, a healthy lifestyle, and nutrients.

Nutrients that have been found to help maintain healthy hair are biotin, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin A.

Biotin, in particular, comes highly recommended by hair care experts. It has also been found to help treat hair that is prone to bunching and tangling. Regular use of biotin can even make brittle hair silky and smooth. Imagine getting hair that looks young and fresh, that you can tumble and toss like what you see in shampoo commercials!

For those stressing over thicker and fuller hair, it’s all in the roots – the follicles. Strands inside the follicle fall out with age, making hair thinner. Hyaluronic acid (HA) in the scalp tissue helps follicle keratinocytes, which can slow down hair fall and keep a fuller look to one’s head of hair. Vitamin A also helps out with the generation of sebum that moisturizes the scalp and keeps hair healthy and prevents hair loss.

Qbuzz Kenta

Kenta combines these powerful ingredients into one amazing formula.

Kenta is a natural food formula inspired by the Okinawan diet of fermented Japanese soy, rice, and sweet potato. These ingredients elevate the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which keeps the body youthful by renewing cells to prevent accelerated ageing and helps one look young and fresh for longer. You can see the difference in how it stimulates hair growth, mends broken tissues in the scalp, as well as enhances and restores hair color and texture. Best of all, it’s a natural formula that does not use chemicals and hormones.

Drink Kenta regularly and look young and fresh.  Learn all about it here

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