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HomePure Nova Joins Cairo Water Week

HomePure showcases HomePure Nova, its best-ever water filtration system, at the Cairo Water Week exhibition, which kickstarted last weekend. People got to hear about the amazing benefits of HomePure Nova and experience the clean, safe, nutritious and great-tasting water it produces, in person at the Nile Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

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Cairo Water Week is considered the most important water-related event in the North African region. Organised by the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in cooperation with national, regional and international partners, it aims to be an annual event that will promote awareness of water-related issues and foster innovative approaches to face the most pressing challenges, promote information on global movements to address water challenges, and identify modern tools and techniques for managing water resources.

HomePure is one of the Diamond Sponsors of the event.

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HomePure Nova promotes water conservation for sustainable development

HomePure is committed to helping provide the clean, safe, nutritious water that communities need to survive and thrive. HomePure Nova is designed to function without the need for electricity and no waste water when it is in use. Thus, offering a sustainable means for supplying sufficient water to those in need.

* No electricity required

* No water waste

* Helps reduce plastic bottle use

CairoWaterWeek Conference04

Cairo Water Week is being held from 14-18 October 2018 and will see more than 500 participants from more than 50 countries all over the world. These include official delegates, embassy representatives, regional and national organisations, and representatives from the private sector, media. In addition to an intensive media coverage during the exhibition opening, HomePure Nova Water Filtration System will be presented to an exclusive group of various professionals.

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