The words you say matter. Your words can paint a picture of what you are thinking of, illustrate how you are currently feeling or depict what you are currently passionate of. The words you say create for others an impression of you. If you wish to be a QNET Achiever, you have to talk like a QNET Achiever.

Let’s put it into a scenario. If you say you want to achieve the next higher Achievers’ Club star rank, you have to clearly define what you need to achieve to become one, you have to make a plan. Make sure that everything you do, or say, will direct you towards your goal.

First impressions last. If you want to achieve a higher rank, you have to start to be open about it and show how passionate you are about achieving it. Independent Representatives who achieved higher ranks focus on product sales and worked hard to achieve sales targets—these are the requirements of the QNET Compensation Plan. They are knowledgeable about the requirements and they are confident in sharing it.

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Now, how well do you understand these words?


These are the points that an Active IR earn when they sell QNET products to IRs and Retail Customers whom they have personally sponsored or referred to QNET.


These are RSP that an Active IR earn upon purchasing products for personal consumption and/or for selling QNET products to directly referred Retail Customers.

GROUP RSP These are RSP that an IR earns from the Repeat Sales and Personal Purchases made by his/her downlines within his/her line of sponsorship.


This is what an IR earns whenever he/she achieves 3,000 BV on his Lower Volume Team.


In QNET, you become successful by making others successful. To prove this, QNET has integrated ‘Group Performance’ into the rank requirements. This is one of the most important elements of Rank Advancement and Maintenance for business builders or sales leaders. This refers to the number of IRs who have advanced or maintained specific pay ranks within your sales team with in a given sales month.

Remember to practise the principles of a QNETPRO at all times. After all, rank advancement and maintenance have been specifically and carefully designed to help you and your sales teams achieve success in your QNET business through selling world-class, exclusive products, in the best and the most professional ways possible.

QNET Achievers are QNETPROs.

QNET Achievers uphold our advocacy to promote professional network marketing. They inspire and encourage others through real life success stories, and build sustainable businesses by personally engaging in honest and professional network marketing sales activities.


is our pledge to be at the forefront of promoting direct selling as a thriving and legitimate profession. We truly believe that integrity matters in success.

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