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QNETPRO Talks: V Partner Dev Johl On Intentions and Merits of Network Marketing

V Partner Dev Johl speaks with us by sharing his experiences in the network marketing industry and how it had changed him from being a Food and Beverage Director at a 5 Star Hotel to a V Partner, a QNETPRO, a successful direct selling professional. He tells us vital points to be aware of in having a lasting business, why rejections are beneficial and the best merits the industry has brought him.
How do you define network marketing or direct selling?
It’s a big word – network marketing. Now, let me separate the word network and marketing.
Network. In every industry, you must have connection and communication between two people at the very least because that’s how business is done.
Marketing? It is not selling. Marketing simply means the giving of ideas.
What this industry did was married the two – network and marketing.
That’s how I see network marketing.
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How do you promote this QNETPRO statement: “Good business ethics starts with me”?
Ethics is about doing the right thing in everything. It is important and vital for any company around the world to sustain and thrive in the long run. Now, our business is a ‘monkey-see-monkey-do’ business, literally. What is practiced by the upline is emulated by the downlines.
You can be ethical. You can choose to be otherwise. Which do you personally prefer?
Education is very important. In QNET, we educate, we train and we roll-out event tours. We equip you with knowledge and skills on how to do business because what you do truthfully will last forever; to the point that your own children can enjoy what you have done and how you have done it. So, if you want to lie and conduct the business unethically, then that’s it. It’s short term money. People will come to know, and you destroy not only your sales team but yourself as well. Ethical marketing should be part of your foundation in developing your network marketing business, and it starts with you.
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One of the reasons why the industry’s reputation is tarnished is that people are misrepresenting the products and the compensation plan. How do you think we can avoid this?
Overselling means you are telling a lie. We don’t have to lie for short bucks. If you think long-term and do it truthfully, if it comes from your heart, then you’ll have no fear talking about the truth, and people like that. There’s nothing to lie about, because QNET, has done it all. Our
branding is huge. We should be proud of what we are today.
VCON is a great example; it is growing. The company graphs also show you results. Credibility is there. You don’t need to add on.

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Please define the word ‘intentions’ in Network Marketing concept.
Intentions are important. Everybody has intentions. A crook will also have intentions. Right intentions, wrong intentions. Back in the day, people could exaggerate to impress and to influence decisions. Today, with social media and with my good friend Google, you can’t lie. When you show the plan and say, QNET, the guy with a smartphone is already googling.
So, what are your intentions? Why are you doing what you’re doing? What do you want to achieve? You need to make a conscious decision first. Your intentions power your goals.
Network marketing is not easy but there’s surely a fun side of it. Can you please share some?
What I benefited most from this industry is the countless travels. I can write a book about it-
the people, the places, different cultures, food and all the experiences I’ve had. The friends I have made from different parts of the world have become my extended families.
But, I think the most precious and rewarding part of doing this business is receiving “Thank You” messages. These pushes me and makes me so passionate in what I do. It’s more fulfilling than cheques. I’m just walking around the globe and spreading the concept of RYTHM and touching beating hearts — I think that’s why my passion and love for what I do remains. Seeing the many opportunities to help others; my passion just can’t go down. This is what I cherish the most. This is the journey.
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