Finally, your vacation is here, but does the thought of packing everything you need into a suitcase freak you out? Stress-free travel starts with smart packing because lugging the extra baggage on planes, trains and automobiles, as well as across borders and time zones, can become annoying, unnecessary, backbreaking work. How to pack for a quick getaway? Here are some of our packing tips.

Take the “lug” out of luggage

When travelling, it is better to have a lightweight spacious carry-on, as this will rid you of the extra weight and enables easier travelling. When packing, put heavy items at the very bottom and light objects on top; this keeps your fragile belongings from getting crushed by the bulkier items.

Prepare in advance

If you have different types of activities planned for your trip, it means you will have a fair amount of gear you need to pack into your suitcase. Keeping everything organised can be a challenge. One of the best things you can do when packing, especially for one that requires you to pack lots of layers, is to make sure you have a list of the items you may need for any activity you might encounter, and a system of how you will pack them all in your suitcase. For a smooth travel experience on a holiday, it always pays to have things planned ahead of time – unless you are the adventurous kind and would like to cross the bridge when you get to it.

The rolling technique works, but sometimes folding is better

In some cases, packing your clothes can be quite a puzzle. To conserve space, packing methods like the rolling method are popular alternatives to folding your clothes. However, it does depend on what your bag allows. In some cases, it’s better to fold and in some cases, it’s better to roll; there is no right answer.

Toileteries and essentials

To avoid inevitable panic attack that happens during the hustle and bustle of preparing for a vacation, everyone needs a fool-proof, ultimate-toiletry-packing list to remind them of what they need and what not to forget. Although most destinations have shops that may sell the items you need, why let toiletries shopping cut into your vacation time? This is why packing essential items like toothpaste, sunblock, soap and first aid is mandatory, especially some black charcoal tablets in case your stomach doesn’t agree with the local food starts to feel a bit weird. The next best thing, reusable plastic bags. Plastic bags are the most underrated items as they can be used for dirty clothes. They are light, they take up so little space and you can reuse plastic bags from your shopping trips.

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