Spotted! Chief Pathman Senathirajah and AVP Sachin Gupta looking absolutely awesome sporting the Black Onyx Prime & Tiger’s Eye Prime by Bernhard H. Mayer®.

Bringing us yet another exquisite jewellery collection, Bernhard H. Mayer® reminds us that courage is at the heart of every successful encounter. The Courage Stone collection helps us harness energy from the Earth and from our very core, combine it with our thoughts and intentions of inner strength and inspiration, and manifest change and power in our everyday lives.

Four special bracelets are crafted from stones sourced from the mystical mountain ranges of Nepal. Each one intricately designed to bring out a desired energy, the bracelets are enhanced with diamonds and gold to connect the wearer with their inner power and positive life energy every day.

Let’s take a closer look at what might as well be the key to a brighter and braver you:

Tiger’s Eye Bracelet

Focus and determination is needed to win any battle. This includes defeating your demons, too. The core of the Tiger’s Eye Bracelet has been used to magnify valour and concentration before combat, like a tiger on the prowl.

Like the sharpest of swords, this golden-brown quartz bracelet and its 7-diamond, 5.7 grams of 18-karat yellow gold centre stone is the ultimate reminder that you can defeat your inner struggles with the strength of your will and the clarity of your thought.


Black Onyx Bracelet

A warrior knows the importance of overcoming his deepest fears. The black onyx, a protective stone that enhances emotional and physical strength, can help you in letting go of limiting beliefs, unnerving stress and great anxiety.

Featuring 7 black diamonds, its 5.7 grams of 18-karat white gold centre stone with black ruthenium plating enhances the capability of the Black Onyx Bracelet to resonate with Earth’s frequencies and amplify positive energies.


Tiger’s Eye Prime Bracelet

Wisdom, courage, integrity — the Tiger’s Eye Prime Bracelet signifies all three. The core of this bracelet is known to grant its wearer better understanding of situations in and around him or her.

The beauty and power of this “all-seeing and “all-knowing eye” is accentuated by an 6.2 grams of 18-karat yellow gold centre stone embellished with 27 white diamonds, a fine expression of how keen and sharp you view the world.

Black Onyx Prime Bracelet

The Black Onyx crystal is known to inspire inner power when facing fears. A catalyst of courage, the layered stone quartz primarily used in this bracelet already has a long history of use in jewellery and stone carvings.

Made of 6.2 grams of 18-karat white gold with black ruthenium plating and adorned with 27 black diamonds, the centre stone of the Black Onyx Prime Bracelet is the perfect medium to absorb and then transform negative energy.

Mark your journey to a better you with jewellery as beautiful as the warrior inside, available now on your eStore.