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5 Things Networkers Can Learn from Bird Box

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Bird Box is all the rage today, and this 2018 American post-apocalyptic thriller starring Sandra Bullock, has a lesson or two for networkers everywhere! We’re sure you’ve probably watched the movie on Netflix already, but in case you haven’t, you have been warned, we might throw in some spoilers!

But for those of our more up-to-date networkers who’ve found the time to squeeze the movie into your schedules, I’m sure you remember Sandra Bullock’s hair-raising journey down the violent river of doom, completely blinded! Sounds impossible doesn’t it, and also so familiar! Networkers and business owners often have to go through journeys that seem impossible too. We can relate.

Here are the 5 things networkers can learn from the movie Bird Box and apply them to our networking life.

  1. Life isn’t just about how things are, but how they could be

Hope. Hope is what keeps us going. In the movie, when Malorie insisted on avoiding risking the kids’ life for finding a new safe place, Tom said something that hit us right there with the feels. You are saving their lives for a life not worth living.” Life isn’t only about how things are right now. It is true that we have to be grateful for what we have. But, what if there is more to life than what it is right now? Why not go for something better and strive to fight for the best life that we could live?

The comfort zone is the most dangerous place of all. Remember Douglas’ home? the supermarket? Sooner or later, we’ll have to move out of our comfort zone. Let’s find our next goal. Study all the risks, make logical decisions, plan carefully, go hard, and most importantly, go for it.

  1. It’s not always about what you see

Be cautious of new ventures and new people. Don’t be fooled by what you see. Learn from the group’s encounter with Gary. He seemed poor, harmless and even kind, but in the end, he caused a massive damage to the group of survivors.

We must be kind and believe in the best in people, but before making an important decision, we must do our homework. Study everything carefully, read the fine print and understand your risks.

Thinking from the other side of the table, when you are offering a business opportunity to prospects, it is natural for them not to immediately believe in the products or the opportunity . Be as transparent as possible. Offer as much information as you can and let them understand everything about the business opportunity you are offering, so your prospects too can look beyond what they see, and see the bigger picture!

  1. Take Risks

Nothing worth having comes easy. Think about the journey to the supermarket; the crazy risky journey through the river and forest. The risks are huge, but with careful preparation and a persistent fight, why not? The rewards were certainly worth fighting for, weren’t they?

  1. Trust (your leader) like children trusting their parents

When Malorie told the kids to never take their blindfold off, or never to go to her even when it sounded like she was in trouble, or to stay where they were even when it was scary, they had to trust her for the whole thing to work. When the kids strayed, they jeopardised the mission.

Same thing could apply to networking. It is possible to wonder why your leader asked you to do something that seems impossible, but trust that your leader has the knowledge and experience to guide you. They have been there, they’ve done that. Make use of their expertise and follow their guidance. Once you’ve learned your ropes, you can apply your own networking style.

  1. Don’t listen to things that will distract you from your goals

In the movie, the survivors had to rely on their sense of hearing and instincts to guide them through their journeys. They had to focus to determine what was real.

In networking, there will be plenty of distractions. There will be plenty of negativities. We can’t afford to let them distract us from achieving our goals.

Stay focused, stay positive and keep your eye on the prize.

See you at success!

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