Common energy drinks are no longer good for you. Between the high levels of caffeine (roughly double the amount found in your usual coffee!) and the amount of sugar in them, your favourite energy booster may actually be making you feel less stimulated both physically and mentally once the initial rush wears off. And guess what? They offer zero nutritional value.

Beverages like these are also generally unregulated. This means that manufacturers can pretty much fill your can with as much caffeine, sugar and other common ingredients as they want. Because of this, countries like Norway, Uruguay and Denmark have banned some of the most popular energy drinks.

But we are no super humans. Yes, we need to look for another way to keep ourselves energised throughout the day. Impossible? Definitely not. Here are five healthy energy drink alternatives to keep you naturally invigorated:

  1. Breakfast

Considered the most important meal of the day, breakfast does not only break your overnight fast. By supplementing your body with glucose (a.k.a. natural sugar!), your blood sugar levels are maintained and energy is gradually released throughout the morning.

Eat a balanced breakfast of protein, carbohydrates, sugar and fat every day. This makes sure that your nutrient supply is replenished before you head out to the world.

  1. Green juices and smoothies

Green leafy veggies have an abundance of Vitamin B. This vitamin helps our body to be at its peak throughout the day. High metabolism, when combined with vitamins and minerals from whole foods, will have you fuelled and on your feet for a long period of time!

Pair spinach, kale and parsley with more palatable fruits and vegetables. That way, you not only make your juice or smoothie healthier, but you make it way tastier, too!

  1. Soy

Rich in proteins, Vitamin B and essential fatty acids, the soy bean has qualities that help improve stamina, endurance and recovery time. It is also said to be rich in amino acids, fuel for the body to produce energy.

Choose whichever form of soy you want: soy milk, edamame, soy chips — each and every one has the same nutritional value as the other in terms of soy protein!

  1. Green tea

Aside from the (little) caffeine that it naturally has, green tea is proven to improve mental alertness and clarity. It is also a great stress reducer, and has other great health benefits.

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  1. Water, or something even better

Dehydration is said to be one of the main reasons we feel less energetic, so keeping your water intake at an all-time high is very important. Water also aids overall physical performance and prevents muscle cramps.

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