juggling business and love

Oh yes, love is definitely in the air, the chocolates are all magically heart shaped and if you paid attention, you could swear the air is that much sweeter. For our IRs who haven’t had a moment’s rest yet, good morning, it’s Valentine’s Day!

There is no day in a year that is filled with so much expectation, promise and failed expectations too (and no, not even your birthday comes close to this)! Valentine’s Day can be hard enough for some, but when you’re an IR committed to both, your relationship AND your business, one of the two are bound to feel a little neglected.

So tell us, are you in a relationship while trying to build a business? Do you sometimes find it challenging to juggle love and your beloved business? Does your partner sometimes feel neglected when you spend so much time running your business? Well here’s some words of comfort for you- that’s totally normal. It really is.

Building a business is challenging. It often requires long hours, and it can be physically and mentally exhaustive. So coming home from an endless day to a never ending cold war, or even an argument when all you want to do is relax with your partner, can be far from what you both need during this trying time. But hey, we’re always here to help make life that much better, so we’ve put together a few golden tips to help make it easier to keep both the things you love, as happy as they should be.

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Talk to each other often. Your partner may not understand what it takes to build a business, especially if she or he isn’t doing it too. That’s ok. Don’t blame them for not knowing. Talk to them. Tell them what you do every day. Don’t think that something is too small to share. Let your partner feel involved.

Don’t be scared to share your challenges with your partner. Sometimes you may feel that you don’t want them to be worried, but if the challenges that you are facing in the business affect your mood and the way you interact with your partner, they are bound to feel the impact and it may cause conflicts in the relationship. Be open and share your challenges. Who knows, your partner may be able to give you a fresh perspective that can be helpful for your business. Let them know how they can support you.

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Trust is the backbone of a relationship. Worrying about your partner’s loyalty while one of you is a way investing long hours in building your business isn’t helpful. If there are things that bother you, tell your partners openly. If there are things that tend to make you worry, , let them know how it makes you feel and see how you can accommodate each other and make each other feel secure. But more importantly, learn to trust your partner. If someone wants to stay, they will stay and be there for you. Sometimes, it’s just that simple!

Be grateful and appreciative

Don’t take your partner’s support for granted. Remember to thank your partner and show them your appreciation. Speak kindly. Try not to explode into emotional outbursts., and sarcastic responses when they are trying to comfort you while you are facing challenges don’t help either. Don’t shoot down their advices and ideas. Show them that you are grateful for their support and for caring enough to try to understand your situation.

Give time

There is no greater gift than the gift of time. Material gifts are lovely, but nothing beats your loving presence. No matter how busy you are, try to set aside time for important dates. Try to fit some togetherness into both your schedules. If you really have to be away, remember to text, call, and make little gestures for each other. Remember to stay sweet to each other. Love, respect and kindness go a long way in any relationship don’t you think?

A supportive relationship can become the backbone you need in your long and demanding journey as an entrepreneur, and we’re hoping some of these tips help too. Keep the love alive, y’all!


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