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Associate V Partner Willie Martinez grew up in Pampanga, a province in the Philippines, who felt that the fast paced city life is not his cup of tea. He believed that he was not a people-person and was content living his life within the confines of his hometown. When his parents sent him to the city to finish college, it did not take him long to realise that he missed his life in the province and he should go back. He did just that. He earned his Electrical Engineering degree and got married in his hometown. Despite his love for his hometown, when the opportunity arose,  he eventually relocated and built his career in the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai.

Today, Associate V Partner Willie Martinez is one of the most successful Independent Representatives of QNET, leading a massive sales team reaching far and wide across continents. He is now one of QNET’s Blue Diamond Stars who believes that there are no limits to what you can achieve. You only have to believe in yourself and believe that you can do it.

What are you going to tell yourself 20 years ago?

I will tell myself that I should have started network marketing much earlier.

QNET Blue Diamond Star Willie Martinez and his lovely family.

How do you approach people and invite them into the direct selling business?

I prefer the one-on-one approach for first meetings with prospects. I begin by opening small, casual talks to establish our connection. As you discuss things, you will find out the person’s interests or needs. This is the time that you can start to offer products or the business opportunity based on his preference, always with respect. You shouldn’t jump into conclusions or assume that you know exactly what to offer to a prospect.

When I was just starting to build my sales team, the first group of people I approached were my close friends. They all rejected me. Then I tried approaching some other people in my contact lists, some workmates and that’s how I got my first 2 Direct Referrals.

Now, since the ranks were introduced, I have noticed that the way an IR approaches prospects evolve as they move up in Achievers’ Club ranks. When you become a Platinum or Diamond Star, prospects will come to you and then you’d start to assess and figure out the proper way to coach them. There’s no one-size-fits-all-way to approach and coach. Now, it is nearly impossible for prospects to come to you for coaching or join your sales team when you have lower ranks, or at least no achievements that they can look up to, yet. They are mostly looking for someone who has already achieved something, thinking that they can teach them some proven ways to success. So, work harder and get better chances in prospecting by letting your credibility and achievements speak for you.

How did you manage your time when you were starting in the business?

I was an Engineering Manager for a multinational company in Dubai back then and being an employee, I knew that I would have to sacrifice many things, including the time that I spend in the office. My work schedule was 8AM to 5PM but because of tight deadlines and the load of work that I have, I usually stay until 12AM or later. I knew I had to manage my time better. I then looked at my priorities and identified purposes for each of them. I get paid for 8 hours a day, so why am I stating in the office for 16 almost 16 hours a day? It was not fair to me and my family.

I did not quit my job yet because I wanted to safeguard my family’s future by waiting until I was sure that I’ll be earning steadily and save more than enough before I fire my boss.

So, I continued on my 8-5 job and ensured that I had time to grow my Network Marketing business on the side. I made sure to call and meet one to three persons every day and meet my Direct Referrals after work. This routine went on for a year and a half.

Image of QNET Blue Diamond Star Willie Martinez in office
AVP Willie started to focus in his QNET business 2 years after he signed up as an IR.

Things ran quite smoothly until one day, I realised that I was already driving the same luxury car that my boss drives, using the same mobile phone that he uses and have more than enough savings in my bank account to cover comfortable living expenses for a significant number of years. It was then that I have decided to resign from my job and focus on running my QNET business.

AVP Willie Martinez QNET Blue Diamond with Sales Team
AVP Willie with his sales team. He shared that QNET has become more than a business to him. It has become my family.

I remember receiving my first commission cheque four long months after I signed up. It was a quite a wait with a lot of hard work and sacrifices and I am thankful that I did not give up before I received that first cheque.

AVP Willie with Chief Pathman Senathirajah back in 2005.

What was your greatest inspiration or motivation to hit the Blue Diamond Star rank?

Hitting the Blue Diamond Star rank is more for my downlines, than for myself. I want to let them see firsthand that, with the right attitude and intentions, it can be achieved.

To hit the Blue Diamond Star rank, you are required to help your sales teams advance in rank, this requirement is called Group Performance. Success or failure is domino effect. This means that you will never achieve the rank by yourself and for yourself. You need to motivate others to push themselves to achieve more sales by becoming a role model who actively participates in the sales process. The best thing about this is that the more product sales that you and your sales teams get, the higher ranks you’ll achieve and the higher ranks you achieve means higher sales commissions in return. This process will also allow them to help others do the same.

Image of AVP Willie Martinez QNET Blue Diamond ISB
In his first In Service Bootcamp.

Success Tips for Beginners

Focus and consistency are keys to a successful business. Networking should be your one, favourite habit.