Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Testosterone and Why Men Need It

We all learned about the hormone, testosterone, when we were in school. While  is also found in smaller doses in women, it is the main sex hormone found in men and plays two key roles in male development:

Testosterone also affects bone and muscle mass, fat storage in male bodies, and even red blood cell production. A man’s testosterone level can also affect his mood.

With those in mind, it is easy to imagine how having low testosterone can affect men’s health. Sure, it’s normal for men’s testosterone levels to start naturally declining as they hit the age of thirty – in fact, studies have shown that 1 in 4 men aged 30 have low testosterone levels – but due to factors such as widespread chemical exposure and unhealthy lifestyles, it has been affecting more and more men at an alarmingly increasing degree as the years go by.

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image of couple arguing due to men low testosterone

What happens when a man has insufficient testosterone?

Testosterone is such a vital part of male biology, that a decrease in it negatively affects men in multiple ways:

  • Low sex drive
  • Low energy, endurance and strength
  • Decrease in muscle mass and bone density
  • Increase in fat accumulation
  • Erectile dysfunction

Can men naturally increase their testosterone levels?

Yes, you can. Q Alive is a plant-based supplement that naturally increases testosterone for complete men’s health and performance.

With advanced US- and EU-patented technology, used to extract 100% pure bioactive peptides, Q Alive uses the world’s best Tongkat Ali Physta®, which has been proven to help increase testosterone production and release at a cellular level.

Regular intake of Tongkat Ali Physta® has been clinically proven to stimulate the increase testosterone in a matter of weeks, thus improving men’s physical strength, mood, vitality, and sexual performance.

Q Alive brings out the best in men by delivering long-lasting effect and performance.

Q Alive, with its all-natural quality ingredients,

  • Boosts healthy testosterone level & sexual performance
  • Enhances erectile function & sperm quality
  • Maintains muscle strength & bone density
  • Supports heart health & stamina
  • Reduces age-related fat build-up

The efficacy of Q Alive’s Tongkat Ali Physta® has been proven in 17 clinical studies and undergone third-party lab validation. This enables Q Alive to have higher potency than other products in the market.

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Disclaimer: this product is only available in selected countries

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