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Testosterone: the King of Hormones

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Why is Testosterone called the King of Hormones?

We all know it as the male hormone, but do you know just how important testosterone is?

For men, more than just revving up our sex drive, it affects our health throughout life.

In addition to sperm production, testosterone also regulates our body’s fat distribution, muscle size and strength, as well as bone mass and density.

Benefits of Testosterone

In 2013, a longitudinal study in Germany was conducted in which the male test subjects took testosterone supplements over a period of 5 years. The results? All participants showed improvement in strength and physical performance in general, with an average of 16.3 kg in weight loss and 8.9 cm off their waists.

On the contrary, obesity itself suppresses testosterone levels. Our belly fat contains high levels of the enzyme aromatase, which converts testosterone into oestrogen, the female sex hormone. A 2016 study also shows that optimal level of testosterone is essential in preventing osteoporosis and its complications in elderly men.

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image of man muscular testosterone q alive

In other words, this hormone is what makes your body perform at its optimal level and gets you the results you’re after. In maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, the alpha male knows which natural supplements complement your routine. Supplements like Q Alive.

All the aspects mentioned above are the reasons for which LifeQode has added Q Alive to their range of products. From the four natural active ingredients that make up this plant-based supplement, Tongkat Ali Phystais the star of the testosterone-boosting show. Made with advanced and patented technology, it contains an extract of 100% pure bioactive peptides – the kind which you won’t find in your average Tongkat Ali off the shelf, and which makes Q Alive effective in enhancing your strength and stamina.

Time to man up, gentlemen. Get up, get going, and feel alive with Q Alive!

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