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QNET Achievers Are Unstoppable!

2018 was indeed a year of rank advancements! After successfully recognising a remarkable number of new Sapphire Stars, Platinum Stars, Diamond Stars and our first-ever Blue Diamond Star in front of a vast, global crowd in V-Malaysia 2018, more Achievers have emerged and QNET was there to join them in celebrating their achievements! Through these local events, we recognise the hard work and unwavering dedication of our Achievers in front of the people closest to them. 

Thailand Gold Retreat (TGR)

Cheers to the Gold Star participants of the Thailand Gold Retreat! They received their Gold Star pins and enjoyed 4 days and 3 nights of leadership trainings, fun activities and relaxation in Prana Resort Nandana Koh Samui, Thailand.

Jom Sihat Expo in QI Tower, Malaysia

QNET Malaysia welcomed 42 new Gold Stars in the Jom Sihat Expo at the QI Tower in December 2018. QNET Chief Executive Officer Trevor Kuna personally congratulated the Gold Stars and handed over their Gold Star pins in the event.

image of qnet achievers from malaysia

With AVP Kalai Manikam’s effective leadership and support, Malaysia is indeed creating waves in the field of rank advancement!

image of qnet achievers from malaysia

 West Africa Sapphire Stars

Six new Sapphire Stars were recognised in the Wave 15 Conference event at the Palais des Sports de Treichville in Ivory Coast where they were welcomed onstage by QNET Product Marketing Manager, Berni Gaksch, in front of a strong, cheering crowd of over 6,000 participants. Their proud leaders, V Council Patrick Phamien and VC Sally Fofana graced the stage with their presence not only to show support to the new Sapphire Stars, but to also encourage the participants to build stronger sales teams by achieving higher Achievers’ Club ranks.

image of qnet achievers from africa

The Oscars Conference was also held at the Palais des Sports de Treichville in Ivory Coast where 4 new Sapphire Stars were recognised onstage by QNET Product Marketing Manager, Berni Gaksch. Their esteemed leader, Associate V Partner Kone Doupin along with over 3,500 event participants witnessed and celebrated the achievements of the new Sapphire Stars.

Amoeba’s 17th Anniversary Event in Indonesia

Sentul International Convention Centre in Bogor, Indonesia was home to the over 8,000 attendees of the 17th Amoeba Team Anniversary where 57 new Gold Stars and 7 new Sapphire Stars were inducted into the prestigious Achievers’ Club by QNET Regional General Manager for Asia, Pushpalatha Balan and General Manager for QNET Indonesia, Ganang Rindarko. Kudos to AVP Gita ‘Tobing’ Hartanto for his untiring leadership and support that is behind the success of the Amoeba Sales Team.

image of qnet achievers indonesia
QNET Regional General Manager for Asia, Pushpalatha Balan and General Manager for QNET Indonesia, Ganang Rindarko shared how they saw QNET Achievers inspire and encourage others through real life success stories and built sustainable businesses by personally engaging in honest and professional network marketing sales activities.
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image of qnet achievers from indonesia

Magic Event, Thailand

Impact Challenger Arena in Thailand played host to one of the biggest Achievers’ Club regional events in 2018 where 108 new Sapphire Stars, 6 new Platinum Stars and 1 Diamond Star were recognised onstage in front of a massive and energetic crowd of 11,000 IRs and their ever-supportive leaders.

image of qnet achievers india in thailand

108 new Sapphire Stars were welcomed onstage by QNET Chief of Network Success Malou Caluza and QNET Chief Executive Officer Trevor Kuna.

image of qnet achievers india

The new Platinum and Diamond Stars had one thing in common and they were very proud it– they were extremely grateful to AVP Shipra Neeraj and the rest of her sales team for the valuable mentorship and unwavering support to each one of them.

Image of qnet achievers

You will see Platinum Stars and Diamond Stars again in the grand V-Malaysia 2019 stage!

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