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Celebrating World Water Day with HomePure Through the Years


Valentine’s Day, check. Women’s Day, check. Labour Day’s next on the list to appreciate all of us who work hard every day, but hold on… there is one day that seems to be overlooked here. A celebration of the one of our essentials – water. When does the H2O get some love? Many of us live year after year without thinking twice about just how important clean water is to our life and how it is, quite literally, the liquid of life. Regrettably, there are even more who struggle to survive while facing a scarcity of this basic human need.

“Whoever you are, wherever you are, water is your human right.”

The United Nations

World Water Day, an observance day set by the UN, takes place annually on 22 March. QNET can proudly say we’ve been participating in this occasion for the past several years, and one of the main contributions we’ve have to this annual event involves donating HomePure units to places where they are needed!

Water for All

In 2015, we donated a HomePure 7-Stage Filtration System to the Foundation of Ministry of Family and Social Policies in Istanbul, Turkey.

At V-Malaysia in 2016, we launched the limited edition HomePure RED, for which each purchase meant a 20 USD donation towards our Myanmar School Project to ensure clean water facilities for the children.

In 2017, QNET Indonesia donated HomePure products through  a World Water Day campaign organised by Environmental Engineering students of Institut Teknologi Surabaya, while in Kuwait, 17 units of HomePure 7-Stage were donated to the BACCH Organisation for people with special needs.

In 2018 in Novosibirsk, Russia, the Snegiri Orphanage received a HomePure Nova and 9-Stage Filter Cartridge from us, and a charity foundation named Helping Hand got a HomePure 7-Stage. This same year, Ramadan in Egypt was quite memorable for us – we visited the Atfal Misr Hospital and collaborated with INJAZ Egypt to visit different national schools as well, distributing HomePure coloring books with the presence of the HP Mascot and spreading awareness of this important occasion.

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Through these efforts, QNET, through our water filter brand HomePure, aims to help provide more and more communities with sustainable access to clean and safe water.

The UN stipulates that clean and safe water includes water for drinking, sanitation, washing clothes, preparing food, as well as maintaining personal and household hygiene. Billions of people around the world still live without access to clean water. These marginalised groups include indigenous tribes, refugees and children – all of whom struggle to thrive under harsh conditions. Besides environmental factors such as climate change, the reasons for which this happens includes socio-political and economic aspects, namely: forced migration flows and discrimination due to race, religion, caste, health and social status.

In response to this issue, for the past several years HomePure has been participating in the UN initiative, World Water Day. One of the main contributions we have to the annual event involves donating HomePure water filtration systems to places where they are needed. In line with the World Water Day 2019 theme, ‘Leaving No One Behind’, HomePure joins the global movement to provide sustainable access to safe and clean water for all.

The rest of us who are more fortunate in society tend to take this matter for granted. When it comes to drinking water, for many it’s become a habit to purchase and dispose plastic bottles. These bottles wind up in landfills and pollute natural habitats, contributing to climate change and posing a danger to humans and wildlife alike. It is our responsibility, all of us, to choose the environmentally-friendly alternative in our daily lives.

By using a refillable bottle, you are helping the environment with its life. Supporting HomePure means supporting the goal of bringing “water for all”. Access to clean water is possible for everyone and we can make this a reality, for water is not a luxury – it is a human right.

Happy World Water Day 2019!



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