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QNET Women’s Day in Turkey: Self-Defense Workshop with Taekwondo Champion Gulsena Karakuyulu

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International Women’s Day in Turkey called for a special celebration to inspire and empower women. In line with this, QNET organised a self-defence workshop for its female employees. The self-defence workshop was led by European Taekwondo champion, Gulsena Karakuyulu.

Karakuyulu was raised in her sport and is a member of the Turkish Taekwondo Poomsae National Team. As a taekwondo-in, or taekwondo practitioner, she has won the title of European champion five times. She is also a four-time world silver medallist and bronze medallist. Shortly before the workshop date, Karakuyulu had competed in the 2019 European Poomsae Championships. She took home her first gold medal in the over-18 freestyle category.

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QNET’s self-defence workshop, says Karakuyulu, “[Is the chance for women] to display our potential one more time by re-exploring our power within.”

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The self-defence workshop also set out to be more than just protecting women from danger. It was a venue to bring successful women together and help them re-explore their power. As QNET Marketing Communications Manager Irmak Sutcu explains, “We are happy to create projects that enable women to realise their power and potential. We are aware of how strong women are. We believe that they can accomplish anything and everything they want. We proudly say that every achievement of QNET is result of a collective labour and we thank every each one of women whom we walk on this path together.”

For Karakuyulyu, “Today, as women, we have presence in every field. We mark the news with our success stories. The secret of our success is working as hard as everybody else. I believe that we can overcome any obstacle, for as long as we know what we want and take strength from ourselves.”

Those are some powerful words to fight by. Perfect in celebration of Women’s Day in Turkey.

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