Let There Be Light: Benefits of Biophoton Therapy

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Photons – the fundamental particles of light. Those of you with an interest in physics would know the basic knowledge on this subject, but did you know that we are all, quite literally, beings of light?

One may already be aware of sunlight being a source of Vitamin D, and that a lack of sun exposure would lead to a deficiency of this crucial vitamin and allow for multiple diseases. Modern-day science, however, points to data that shows just how important light is in our lives.

Light energy

According to German physicist Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp, all living cells emit coherent light energy in the form of biophotons. These biophotons serve as an information system, steering and controlling thousands of biochemical reactions taking place within each cell, every second of our lives. Research has shown that all living cells of plants, animals and human beings emit biophotons, which cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be measured by special scientific instruments. These biophotons carry information about the state of the body – healthy cells, sick cells, tumour cells, and infectious viruses and bacteria all have different light signals, which come together to form an internal system of cellular communication.

Why would this information be relevant to you and your business? Glad you asked! Our Amezcua product line, specifically the Bio Light 2 and Bio Disc 3, were designed for the exact reason of harmonising your light within through a form of gentle, non-intrusive, yet effective biophoton therapy.

How does it work?

Shining the Amezcua Bio Light 2 through the Amezcua Bio Disc 3 helps generate the biophotons within living organisms, leading to numerous positive outcomes. The Bio Disc 3 improves the taste and shelf-life of your foods and beverages, which allows for optimal absorption of essential nutrients and enhances your energy levels. The Bio Light 2 optimises your body’s intracellular communication by restoring the quality of the biophoton emission thus reinstating the balance in the physical body. Biophotons activate the mitochondria (power stations) of the cells, contributing to the release of energy throughout the body.

Now that you know a little more about the benefits these Amezcua products bring to your health, wouldn’t you want to use them yourself?

Get your Bio Light 2 and Bio Disc 3 from the eStore now, experience them, and share them!

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