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Boost Children’s Immunity With These 5 Tips

Children’s immunity needs to be built up at a young age. Paediatricians even consider six to eight rounds of cold, flu, and even ear infections in a year among their young patients, as normal. It has also been said that these help the body know which diseases threaten it and help slowly build up immunity. Parents can also help out with children’s immunity by watching out for their hygiene and getting them into healthy habits.

Try these tips to boost your children’s immunity:

1. Exercise with your kids.

What you do, your kids will do, too. It doesn’t even have to be a fixed routine. Make unplugged playtime fun by teaching playground games that we used to know as kids, from racing to dodgeball, or even hopscotch. If you don’t have an outdoor area, be resourceful. You can ask for help from your local gym about trainers who can work with your children while you’re there or even schools about sports clubs and other recreational activities. But even with the outside options, active parental involvement and encouragement is a must.

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2. Get them into fruits and veggies.

The earlier the better, to make those picky eater years easier to deal with. Experts recommend five servings of fruits and vegetables per day (around 1 cup for kids from age 3 and older). Good fruits and vegetables to start with: carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, yogurt, leafy green vegetables, and food items that are rich in Omega-3, such as nuts. This is also an excellent time to expose children to all sorts of textures, so don’t just rely on fried food.

3. Instil good hygiene habits.

It all starts from the hands! That common cold among children is usually spread by being exposed to contaminated areas or forgetting to wash right after. Having a bottle of hand sanitiser or towelettes on hand help, but nothing beats a thorough washing. How to make it fun: have your child slowly count up to twenty as they soap their hands. They get to practice their counting and get clean too!

4. Make room for a good sleep environment.

Kids need 10-14 hours of sleep every night. When they aren’t cooperative with naps, impose an earlier curfew. Make sure their rooms stay clean, cool, and free from distractions. Also tune in to what kind of lighting kids are comfortable with – whether they need a little light in the room, or total darkness. Tip for kids who can’t sleep in complete silence: try ambient noise such as seashore or nature sounds, or a fan to make a rhythmic and steady sound.

5. Quit smoking.

Kids breathe at a faster rate and are more sensitive to the negative effects of second-hand smoke. Effects can range from a weakened immune system, asthma and sudden ear infections to impairments with brain development. While you’re learning, smoke outside of the house and away from your children.

6. Choose the right supplements.

Start with a balanced lifestyle and healthy diet and keep building up your children’s strength from the inside-out. Get a bigger boost with the right kind of vitamins, such as EDG3 Junior for children ages 7-12, made with an amino acid blend that helps the body produce glutathione naturally for stronger immune system. Glutathione helps in the production of immune cells which are needed in fighting free radicals and foreign pathogens.

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Stay healthy, stay happy!

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