“I don’t like to give that word a lot of weight,” says Associate V Partner Narjis Ryweck when asked about challenges. “Challenges are in our lives [on] a daily basis.” In this regard, she is right. Narjis has had her own share of challenges long before then. It started when she was a teenager and her parents got divorced, and she needed to help with finances at home.


“I was raised to believe that money isn’t everything — and I really believe that growing up, I learned the hard way that while money isn’t everything, everything today [has something to do] with money,” she claims. At 17, she was juggling odd jobs and her studies. Five years into working for others, though, at the age of 22, she decided that she was tired and had to turn things around.


“I decided this is too much for me and I need to find another way out,” Narjis shares. “I wanted the freedom, I wanted a great way to earn sustainable income more than anything, and I wanted to start not worrying on how to afford things.” This — plus her dream of traveling to 55 countries around the world — became her motivation to try something she had easily dismissed before: QNET. “My life changed 180 degrees from then on,” she declares.

Today, Narjis is well known an esteemed regional leader, an admired business coach, and the founder of the Championaires group. A few years ago, though, that wasn’t the case. People disapproved of what she was doing and had even tried to push her to go back to climbing up the corporate ladder, because they thought that she wasn’t cut out for business. In the beginning, she faced a lot of rejections, even from the people closest to her. But she held her head up and powered through.


“The biggest challenge in the beginning of any business is getting people to understand what you’re doing and accept what you’re doing,” she says. “If you’re going to be an entrepreneur, you have to see what you’re asking for and if you are willing to pay the price.”


A strong heart and thick skin — for Narjis, this is the initial investment any woman (or any individual, for that matter) must have when putting up a business. But she also points out that in leadership, there must be trust and obedience.

“Follow the system step by step. Do not take it for granted.” She advises. “If you have never done a business before then you are the luckiest person to be starting here. This is the best type of business — [direct selling] is the number 1 business for people who hasn’t tried business before because it gives you mentorship, guidance, a support system.


“The beauty about this business is that you don’t need everyone to understand you. You just need a handful of people to get what you are doing in the beginning, and more and more people will understand you as long as you are firm and stubborn and believe in yourself and believe in what you’re doing.”


Embracing challenges is something that Narjis puts emphasis in. After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

“I believe challenges is what [makes] us. If it weren’t for the challenges I faced when growing up as a teenager and having to work early and study at the same time, I wouldn’t have thought about being an entrepreneur,” she smiles. “If it weren’t for the challenges, we wouldn’t be making our decisions today, the decisions that we [have made]. If it weren’t for the challenges, we wouldn’t be the people that we are today. Challenges are beautiful things if a person can just see that in their life, usually they become something great after challenges.”

What challenge are you ready to embrace and face head on today?

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