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Living Absolutely doesn’t come easy. Luckily, there are health apps for that; and they’re probably nicer than some gym trainers. These five health apps that got you covered – from workouts to diet to even peace of mind. These apps provide insights, useful tips and reminders that you need to truly achieve health and wellness  (Just don’t turn off the notifs, you cheat.)

Feel the difference when you plug into these 5 health apps.

7 Minute Workout (Apple) (Android)

What’s 7 minutes? This app recommends simple exercises you can squeeze in on even your busiest day. Their workouts are tailored in a way that really cuts into your body flab. You can go for the daily workout, or for full programs that keep you from slacking off. Plus: track and save your progress using their in-app calendar. This might just be the one trainer that you won’t try to hide from.

Healthify Me (Apple) (Android)

It’s more than the calories. Log your meals with the Healthify Me app and you’ll get insights into the nutrients from the food you eat. You’ll be surprised, you might actually have room for that bite of chocolate after all! You can also use the app to log your water intake, and how many calories you’ve burned based on the type and length of exercise you put in for a day.

Looking to keep up the habit? A monthly fee gives you access to more detailed health reports, and chats with specialised trainers.

iFasting – Simple Intermittent Fasting Tracker (Android)

The hardest thing to do is not give in, and we know it. More than simply counting the hours before one could break his or fast, iFasting puts in a percentage. For the 16/8 method for example, you’re given an eight-hour window to eat almost anything you want. So, if you have fasted for eight hours, you’re all clear. You’re a winner, and you see the results instantly.

Pomodoro (Apple) (Android)

Mono-tasking, or focusing only one task, sounds crazy and near-impossible. But recent university studies have found that frequent multi-taskers have been observed to have dropped in IQ and have a negative effect on brain efficiency. These apps help you stay in focus with the Pomodoro productivity technique. You simply work on one task over a duration of time and are given breaks in between before continuing work for the same amount time or moving to a new task. When you complete cycles of 3, 4, or more (you can customize it), you get rewarded with a longer break.

Calm – Meditate, Relax, Sleep (Apple) (Android)

Busy? Frazzled? Stressed? Just stay…Calm. True to the name, the meditation app has a soothing voice that helps you find your centre and clear the mind with timed meditation. You can choose to focus on the voice over or have it over soothing sounds of nature such as the sea, forest, or rain. No spiritual levelling-up required for this app, all you have to do is just tune in and listen to what the voice tells you. You can also use their ambient sounds to help put you into deep sleep. All you have to do is find a spot, turn this on, breathe and focus.

Feel free to share your favourite health apps in comment space below.

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