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PJ City FC, Our Very Own Football Club

PJ city fc

Among the many exciting things seen at V-Malaysia 2019, one of them is the official launch of the QI Group’s very own football club, of which QNET is the main sponsor – Petaling Jaya City FC!

In line with our philosophy of Raise Yourself to Help Mankind (RYTHM), our co-founder, Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran wanted to give back to the community of Petaling Jaya, the city in Selangor where the QI Tower is based. He kept an eye on this club as it managed to get through the Premier League on a shoestring budget, with players from underprivileged and minority communities.

When they broke into the Super League, Dato Sri Vijay kept his promise to support the club.

At QNET, our passion for football is the fuel in our pursuit for leadership in the sports industry. Now, not only are we an official sponsor of Manchester City FC in England, but we can also proudly say that our mother company owns an up-and-coming football club, Petaling Jaya City FC. The club includes Under 19 and Under 21 teams to ensure continuity and that a succession plan is in place.

Thinking about a beach holiday be like…

At V-Malaysia, V Partner Dev Johl and Associate V Partners Girinder Sharma and Perminderjit Singh made the introduction of the club. The stage came to life when they were joined by our co-founder Mr. Japadas Bismark, K Devan (the PJ City Coach who has been with them through thick and thin) and five of the footballers: Safee Sali, Joshua Grommen, Serginho, Barath Kumar and Beom Geun Bae. The crowd went wild as the footballers presented Mr. Bismark with his very own football jersey and then threw caps, T-shirts and footballs to the audience.

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The team had fun getting pampered at our personal care booth
Getting up-close-and-personal with our products at QNET Carnival, V-Malaysia 2019

We welcome PJ City into our hearts and our home, and we can’t wait to witness its journey as it fights for the win in the Super League!

Support our football team, your football team online – wherever you are in the world:


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