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5 Fun Activities To Get Kids Off Mobile Devices

In this digital age, getting kids off mobile devices is almost every parent’s struggle. There’s no manual on parenting but we can all agree on one thing: allowing children to keep their eyes glued on tablets or laptops all the time is never a good thing for kids’ health! 

Yes, technology effectively helps today’s parents in dealing with their youngsters in many ways. But too much of something is never a good thing, and that rule applies to being dependent on mobile devices. After all, there are still a lot of things that cannot be gained from a screen. 

Take a look at these five fun activities to get your kids off mobile devices. They will have so much fun, they’ll forget about mobile devices:

fun activities kids off devices sports

  1. Play ball (or any other sport!) with your aspiring athlete
    Sports has always been a good way for children of any age to strengthen not just their bones and muscles, but also their spirit of teamwork, patience, discipline, sportsmanship…and their connections with other individuals,  including you. Pick up a football, a tennis racket or even a gymnastics ribbon, and show your support either from inside the court or from the bleachers.
    Which sports are best? Have a look at this site.
  2. Make paper crafts and clay sculptures with your art apprentice
    Sure, this might feel like something that your children may already be doing in school, but who says that they won’t enjoy expressing themselves and making art outside the four walls of the classroom? Inspire their inner Michelangelo by letting them come up with their own creative and imaginative masterpieces using paper, clay and other materials. Activities like these also develop fine motor skills—very beneficial to younger children, particularly preschoolers.
    Check out this site for ideas.
  3. Have a scavenger hunt with your little explorer
    There are so many things about this one that will keep your grade schoolers excited: the mystery that envelops the game, the thrill of looking for the next clue, the urgency of collecting the next item. Beyond that, though, are many more benefits. A scavenger hunt in a safe, controlled environment (such as your backyard) helps sharpen kids’ minds, makes them more aware of their surroundings, and teaches them caution in the face of exhilaration.
  4. Tour around your city with your young one
    Once children hit the age of puberty, it is important to introduce to them more grown-up stuff. This includes the place that they live in. Take them to places via public transportation. Walk the dog with them holding the leash. Let them get to know your neighbourhood (especially the people in it!). Drop by public parks. Talk about tourist spots in your area. Visit museums and public libraries. This way, your children not only become street smart but also become more aware of their culture and activities kids off devices cook
  5. Make a culinary masterpiece with your junior chef
    It’s one thing to teach your kids to eat properly. Showing them why is another. Think of age-appropriate meals to prepare with your children. Be sure to choose ingredients that are healthy and take time to explain to them the great things they’d get from eating vegetables, eggs, milk and fruits. Show them the labour that goes into preparing the food that you serve on the table—more importantly, make them do the work themselves! Educating them in how important it is to eat healthy becomes easier and more effective when they develop appreciation for what they put into their bodies. 
    Recipe ideas here.

These five activities are only samples of how you can enjoy Absolute Living with your children. There are a lot of other things that you can try! Remember to take into consideration the time and resources you have and your children’s personalities. Help them to be the best that they can be!

fun activities kids off devices qnet edg3 junior deskOf course, activities that promote good health should not be limited only to those that require planning. The little everyday things are important, too — such as taking in proper nutrients to help the kids grow stronger. Give them EDG3 Junior every day to let your young ones build a stronger immune system. Find out more about the product here.


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