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Professionalism: The Integrity of a QNETPRO

The direct selling industry offers everyone the opportunity to build a business anywhere in the world. If done the right way, the earnings go beyond the financial aspect. Being in direct selling industry also helps you develop yourself and trains you to grow as an entrepreneur. That’s not just it. Being a part of a global direct selling company such us QNET, you are a part of a community of likeminded hardworking people from all over the world!

Unfortunately, just like in any industry, there are those who enter the business with the wrong intentions, focusing only on the financial aspect and finding ways to cheat their way through. These ways range from missing payments on product purchases to deliberate misappropriation of money, all of which stand to “take shortcuts” and “maximise profit”.

This is a grave error, as it increases the chances of failure and entails having to look over one’s shoulder. Such unscrupulous practices will damage your reputation and ruin your relationships. There will be many moments when it seems like progress is slow, and when faced with such difficulties, that’s when one’s conduct as a distributor matters the most. This business, like anything worth having, does not come easy. There is no such thing as quick money. If you want a successful business that lasts, you have to do it the right way.

We’re here to empower you with all the information you may need to run your QNET business the right way.

Our V Partners are those with ample experience in the direct selling business, both as witnesses and practitioners. If anyone’s word is worth listening to, it’s theirs. Let’s take a look at what some of them have to say when it comes to our business practices.

qnetpro hendra nilam

In QNET, our compensation plan is designed to reward those who work hard and perform accordingly. On that same note, there are policies and procedures in place to take action against those who act dishonestly. We can’t guarantee when you will see your success, but if there is one thing we can pledge, it is that no lasting business comes out of bad practices.

As per the words of V Partner Hendra Nilam, professionalism and integrity are imperative to running a good business and leading a rewarding life. Think of these as two sides to the same coin. Professionalism is outward – it’s about disciplined and honourable behaviour towards your environment (i.e. your sales teams, your mentors, your prospects). Integrity, on the other hand, is a by-product of your honest behaviour – when you know that your actions match your words, that you are living truthfully.

Your intentions matter. One way or another, it shows through.

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sustainable business is one that is built the right way – this is what allows it to continue and prosper.

Therefore, if you want to build a sustainable organisation, one that lasts, one that comprises a reliable community, then it has to start and operate with honesty. Take V Partner Mahendra Kumar, a man who knows that trust is something that’s earned.

qnetpro mahendra kumar

From the leaders to each team member, from the team member to prospects –businesses are built on trust.

When everyone demonstrates integrity, that fosters a strong sense of trust and allows for certainty. No one has to look over their shoulder, because all can rest assured that they are in a secure environment. The reputation of the environment rests on each individual, as it’s that same reputation that will attract likeminded people into the organisation.

To any entrepreneur and all businesses, a good reputation is more valuable than any transaction.

They say that one simply has to take care of their character, and their reputation will follow. Or, as V Partner Donna Imson-Lecaroz puts it:

qnetpro donna imson

A QNETPRO puts the “pro” in professional. Show the world that you’re a pro direct seller.


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