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Direct Selling Industry and the Gig Economy

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In the past, the word ‘work’ has been associated with full-time employment, a fixed income and a permanent position. However, in the last couple of years, we have seen a significant spike in the number of people taking up temporary, freelance or task-based jobs – also known as ‘gigs’ – as a way to earn an extra income. Some even opt out of their regular 9-5 jobs to focus on these gigs full-time. In a recent report, Intuit and Emergent Research anticipated that there will be 9.2 million Americans working in ‘on-demand’ jobs by 2021. However, the US isn’t the only place where the gig economy is thriving. India’s independent workforce, the second largest in the world at 15 million, fills up about 40% of the world’s freelance sector.

So what makes the gig economy so attractive?


Flexibility is something traditional full-time jobs don’t generally offer. People are increasingly becoming more resistant to the idea of being stuck behind a desk all day; the thought of doing the same thing every day can create a downward spiral for most. Thus, they leave their conventional way of life behind in search for one that offers more freedom.


“Modern problems require modern solutions”, and people are changing the way they perceive ‘work’. When compared to previous generations, millennials prioritise different things when considering job opportunities. They want a sense of satisfaction and ownership from their work. They want to do things their way, and that isn’t such a bad thing! This can be difficult to accommodate for in a conventional work environment. The gig economy presents a very attractive solution to this concern, as it provides gig workers with the freedom they are seeking, for a more balanced approach to working. You can choose what you want to do, how you want to do it, and how much time you want to invest into your work.

How does direct selling compare to the gig economy?

The employment landscape is evolving dramatically, as people are becoming open to the idea of alternate sources of income and self-employment, now more than ever. In fact, direct selling may prove to be a better option than continuously taking up dead-end gig jobs in the long run.

Bigger Opportunities

In addition to the flexibility and freedom that gigs provide, direct selling companies often offer more rewarding compensations. Direct selling dynamic compensation plans generally enable their distributors to improve their earning possibilities as they move up the ranks.

Gig jobs are usually one-offs and provide very limited career growth, while direct selling often offers bigger opportunities.

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On top of that, direct sellers also get to enjoy the amazing benefits of a support network, as they commonly work in teams of individuals who share similar passions, goals, and aspirations. This helps create a sense of community and belonging among team members, unlike gig workers, who typically work by themselves and have minimal contact with their fellow “co-workers”.

These reasons, along with many more, make direct selling a unique and attractive option in this gig-economy.

Wondering how you can leverage on this trend?

The rise of the gig economy brings a multitude of opportunities for the direct selling industry. That means a great opportunity for you, QNET distributors. As more people look for flexibility and freedom, you can take this opportunity to share how direct selling and QNET can work for them too.

Many young adults are looking for work with a purpose, and what can be more meaningful than creating better lives for others? At QNET, beyond offering an impressive range of quality-assured products that can make life better, we also offer the opportunity to become economically self-sufficient. This means that our distributors can earn an income and help others at the same time.

Sounds great?

QNET could be your first step into this fascinating new world.

Start by keeping yourself educated about the direct selling industry, the QNET business, compensation plans and products. Empower yourself with as much knowledge and skills as possible so that you can conduct your business the right way and build a solid team to achieve sustainable success.

The stage is set.

Now, it’s up to you to ride the waves of change to success.


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