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QNET and Manchester City FC: 5 Years and Going Strong!

qnet manchester city partnership

Blue Moon!
You saw me standing alone,
Without a dream in my heart,
Without a love of my own

Aaaand after 38 matches, our beloved ManCity wins the season!!!

What have our Champions brought home, you ask? ‘The Silverware’, ladies and gentlemen, four whopping trophies which include: the Community Shield, the Carabao Cup, the FA Cup, and last but not least, the Premier League Champions trophy!

At V-Malaysia 2019, QNET and Manchester City Football Club celebrated our 5 years of partnership. This partnership is the first cooperation of an international direct selling company and a Premier League Football Club. So, how has this come to be such a successful relationship? Why did we choose ManCity FC in the first place? Well, the answer comes down to two core reasons – values and opportunities.

Common Values and Philosophy

We are both very active in their CSR endeavours and implement programs aimed at charitable foundations and various kinds of assistance to society. The similarity in direction and approach to our giving back allowed us to not only amplify our achievements, but also led to an unparalleled synergy.

Even in QNET’s own foundation, RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind), we have focused our attention on developing sports infrastructure and raising football standards in Asian countries. This would of course give rise to further exciting collaborations with ManCity in the future. With ManCity’s recent Premier League title and ongoing trophy success, the football club is a beacon for what we all aspire to become – humble champions and community leaders.

Speaking of champions – there has also been developments and promotions of co-brand products!

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To celebrate our 5 years together, a limited-edition collection of QNETCity Champions Watches was released. Dedicated to the team members and coaches, these watches are the epitome of English style and reflect the modern practicality and beauty of men’s accessories. If you’re a loyal fan, show your team some love and get your QNETCity Watch today!

Opportunities for IRs

We’ve organised joint viewing of club matches for our independent representatives, where they will be able to watch a football match on large screens and receive exclusive QNET products! QNET customers and distributors have access to a number of special events as well, such as last year, when thousands of QNET distributors from various countries took part in a photoshoot with the English Premier League Trophy Tour.

We Cityzens could not be prouder of our Champions, The Champions.

Our words for the upcoming season?

Bring it on!


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