QNET IR Values

Whether you’re entering the direct selling business or are an experienced networker, understanding responsibility and staying conscious of it is essential to best represent yourself as a QNET Independent Representative. In order to understand what being a direct seller entails, we must first understand the industry. To all the newcomers, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page here.

What Is Direct Selling?

Direct selling is the practice of selling products and/or services directly to the end-consumer in a non-store environment. Direct selling companies like QNET work with distributors (you!) to sell their products.

Why Is The Industry So Scruitinised?

Simply put, it’s due to misrepresentation and mis-association. The accusations of direct selling being a “pyramid scheme” come from parties who’ve been wronged or misinformed. It all comes down to the fact that dishonest people used a corrupted version of this business model to make money at the expense of other people, staining the reputation of the actual industry.

We, however, do not.

At QNET, we’ve always encouraged our QNET Independent Representative to understand the products as well as the business by heart before teaching or promoting it to others. As we say all the time, be a product of your product – use it, love it and then share it.


What Makes QNET Perfect For You?

As a QNET Independent Representative, you are a proponent of the #EmpowerYourself philosophy. Our QNET Pros know that this profession comes with a specific responsibility. That responsibility extends to multiple aspects, all of which centre around sustainability. Sounds like common sense, right?

“If I am responsible and have a solid work ethic, then surely my business will be sustainable,” you might think. You’d be correct. In fact, plenty of distributors in our community demonstrate this in their own daily practices.

Qualities To Follow To Be Successful At QNET and Networking


While honesty to others is important, honesty to yourself is vital. Having the right mindset means you have true purpose. Once you have this, you’ll seek out and acquire knowledge with the intent of disseminating it to your prospects. You’ll be conducting your business with certainty because you’re passionate and truly believe in what you’re doing.


Eventually, this is what allows for your business, your organisation, to prosper sustainably. This comes from a place of dedication and perseverance. It takes a lot of hard work to build your business, and no one said it’d be easy. To anyone starting out, V Partner Sathi Senathirajah has a few words for you:


When you start with the wrong intentions, this leads to wrong practices. There is plenty at stake, for as mentioned earlier, any malpractice would mean implicating yourself, this corporation, and the industry as a whole.


V Partner V Padma leads by example. This where our last two pillars come in: Service and Leadership. There isn’t one without the other. A true leader understands that everything has consequence, and thus makes sure to practice what he or she preaches. When one lives according to one’s desired results, when one’s actions matches one’s words, that is when others will see the truth. That is when others are inspired to follow, to do the same.

QNET has always been, and always will be, a true direct selling company. A company that’s born from leaders and that gives birth to leaders. As a QNET IR, represent our community with integrity and pride!

So, what is a QNETPRO? A QNETPRO is a true leader.


Professionalism: The Integrity of a QNETPRO