Being a QNET Independent Representative is simple. Taking your QNET journey to the next level and being a professional direct seller, a QNETPRO, however, takes integrity, talent, hard work and an unquenchable thirst for success. Here are five signs that you are an Upline everyone should look up to and imitate.

1. You Don’t Misrepresent The Opportunity

Professional Direct Seller QNETPRO Things Not To SayYou not only understand the QNET Opportunity, but you are also a big believer in it and a giant product of your product. You do not present QNET to your prospects as something that we are not.

2. You Understand The QNET Opportunity Perfectly

QNETPRO Dos and DontsNot only do you educate yourself on the QNET Compensation Plan, you also make sure you read, understand and follow all of QNET’s Policies and Procedures and Code of Ethics. As a professional direct seller, you understand that success in QNET doesn’t come from taking shortcuts.

3. You Don’t Make False Promises

QNETPRO Dos and Donts 2No matter how hard you find prospecting, you never make false promises to your potential Downlines. You always make it a point to talk about what QNET can offer – which is not just a solid Compensation Plan, but also a team and a QNET family.

4. You Take Time To Honestly Answer Any Questions About QNET Products And Opportunity

You are never awkward about answering tough questions about QNET products and the business opportunity, and if you don’t know the answer straight away, you make sure you go back and find out so that your Downlines and prospects know the right answer, rather than the convenient one.

5. You Are Always A Team Player

QNETPRO Dos and Donts 4To you, loyalty is more than just a principle. It is part of your duty. If you see a stronger sales team, you don’t try to quit and join theirs. You use it as motivation to build your own team. You are patient because you know that building a solid team takes time, but you take that time because you know its worth it.

QNETPRO Professional Direct Seller ConfidenceHow many of these traits do you possess? Are you the type of leader who has all of these qualities? Give us a shout out if you are or pledge to be a QNETPRO. And don’t forget to get informed and share our QNETPRO Presentation with your team.


QNETPRO: Quick Dos and Don’ts You Need to Know