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10 Best Things to Do in Langkawi

Langkawi – Simply breathtaking. 

It’s not every day that you get the chance to visit an island paradise. So when you do, make sure to check these things to do in Langkawi off your bucket list.

  1. Find your beach…
Pantai Cenang – the perfect spot to chill and take lots of selfies.

Langkawi is best known for its many beautiful beaches, so there is sure to be a sandy spot for you. If you’re a party person who enjoys visiting beach bars with friends, head over to Pantai Cenang.

If you’re a more quiet individual who revels in the luxury of lounging by the shore, then spend the day at Pantai Tengah.

  1. …but don’t miss out on the best.
The perfect backdrop to up your IG story game.

You may have found your place, but a beach that’s really worth the visit is Tanjung Rhu Beach. The best beach on the island is known for its white sands, spectacular views of the northern islands and its beautiful limestones.

Feel the need to sunbathe a bit more? Check out Pantai Pasir Tengkorak (Skull Sand Beach) and Pantai Teluk Yu (Shark Bay Beach) as well.

  1. Go on a cab ride we’re sure you won’t forget. 
Experience this unforgettable ride.

A trip to the Machinchang Geoforest Park is rendered incomplete without climbing over 550 million years of rock formations through the SkyCab. Ride the longest free span mono-cable car in Malaysia and see Langkawi (and even Southern Thailand!) at 650m (Middle Station) and at 708m (Top Station) above sea level.

  1. You’ve reached the heavens! Now, cross that bridge when you get there.

Who says gravity-defying adventures end with a car ride? That’s your mode of transportation to an equally, if not even more, extreme destination.

Perched on top of the Cambrian rock formations of Gunung Machinchang is SkyBridge. The longest free span and curved bridge in the world offers exhilarating panoramic views to those who dare cross it.

  1. Take a breather at this modern village. 

The views from both the SkyCab and the SkyBridge are so breathtaking and definitely not for the faint-hearted. There are, however, attractions for the less adventurous at the Oriental Village.

In need of a less overwhelming activity for the rest of the day? Visit the Art in Paradise 3D Museum and the 6D Cinemotion. Join the Langkawi Duck Tours that take you to off shore vistas of the Telaga harbor and let you enjoy the sights at eye level.

  1. Go and chase glorious waterfalls.

Just around the corner from the SkyBridge is Seven Wells (Telaga Tajuh) Waterfall. When you get there, don’t simply watch the water plummet beneath you from the viewing area — grab the chance to freshen up in its cold water, too!

The north of Langkawi is also home to other magnificent waterfalls, like the tall Temurun Waterfall as well as the visitor-friendly Durian Perangin Waterfall.

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  1. Watch the day come to an end on a sunset cruise.

When you’re in an island paradise, it’s almost a crime to miss the beautiful sunsets. And what better way to enjoy the reds and purples of the setting sun than by boat.

Just like its famous beaches, Langkawi offers a variety of sunset cruises. There is one that lasts features a salt water jacuzzi and a spacious deck made for dancing with the stars. There’s another that lets you see mangroves at a (literally) different light. Most of these tours coe with delicious dinners you can relish while relaxing as your day comes to an end.

  1. Get to know the heart of the island.

Live like a local by exploring the most populated place on the island. While it is not known as a tourist spot, Kuah holds its own certain charm: it has the island’s best local restaurants, loads of duty-free shops — and a ginormous eagle statue to boot!

  1. Discover the Langkawi Night Market.
10 of those, please.

The thrill of this place goes beyond sampling the best delicacies on the island: the Langkawi Night Market changes location every night, so have fun figuring out where it pops up next!

  1. Take a trip beyond the main islands.

Did you know that Langkawi is actually made up of 99 different islands, most of which are uninhabited but can be visited? Yes, your island hopping itinerary has just become endless.

There are countless other things that you can do when vacationing in Langkawi.

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