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How To Slide Into Bae’s DMs On Instagram Without Being Creepy

Dating is hard enough without trying to figure out how to communicate on digital formats without coming across as a total creep. Here are some tried and tested tips on how to successfully DM your crush on Instagram without being instantly blocked, brought to you by Q Alive.

Things You Can Do:

  • Curate Your Instagram Profile

Make your profile read and look like something you would click if you came across it somewhere. Update your profile picture to something that shows your face rather than that of a celebrity you like. Write an engaging ‘About Me’ message that isn’t too long but shows the bullet points of what makes you unique. Don’t forget to also go through your posts and delete posts that you no longer believe in, add posts that are more about you than just quotes.

  • Be Confident

There’s nothing more attractive than confidence. But there’s a fine line between being confident and being cocky. Take a good look at the mirror and figure out your worth. If you believe that you are not good enough for the person that you like, he or she will also end up thinking the same. Focus on your pros and believe in yourself.

  • Proofread Your Message

When a message is riddled with typos, short form text, weird autocorrected suggestions, too many dots, it’s a big turn off. There’s nothing that makes you stand out more in a DM than a well-written message that is proofread. It shows that you’ve made the time to write something especially for bae, rather than something you have copy-pasted from a dating website.


  • Get To Know Your Crush First

The chances of bae opening and reading a message is higher when he or she has seen your name in her notifications a few times. Make sure you’ve been following him or her for a few weeks at the very least before you slide into the DMs. Leave a few thoughtful comments and compliments. Bae will definitely notice.

  • Take Rejection With Maturity

Every DM you send will not end in success. For one thing, you may not be the only person who’s trying to slide into bae’s DMs. If you received a response with a resounding ‘no’, don’t respond bitterly. Don’t go on a rage and be a total psycho. There are many things going on that you don’t know about, so if bae isn’t ready to be your real bae, please respect the decision.

Things You Definitely SHOULD NOT DO:

  • Don’t Double Message

So, you’ve sent your crush a DM on Instagram. You haven’t heard back. What do you do? Our advice is to be patient. Whatever you do, do not send messages on other social media profiles. Texting your crush on LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat and whatever other social media he or she’s on definitely says “creepy stalker”.

  • Don’t Be A Creepy Stalker

There’s subtle research and there’s creepy insta stalking, especially if you decide to go right back to bae’s very first post and ‘like’ every single picture ever published. There’s nothing more worrisome than opening up Instagram and finding 500 notifications from one single person. Don’t go beyond liking a couple of past photos and definitely do not leave a comment on posts more than a few months old.

  • Don’t Send Unsolicited Pictures

Unless bae specifically asks you for it, do not send any photos of yourself. Definitely do NOT DM your crush any naked photos or indecent photos of any kind on instagram. It’s an instant put off. Even if you later apologise, you may never recover from the bad image.

  • Don’t Be Naughty

Again, unsolicited bedroom talk is a big no-no, unless the bae initiates it. Talking about something so personal, escalating a normal conversation is a big turn off. If bae is interested, there will be signs. You will know.

  • Don’t Be Over Eager

If you’ve messaged bae and haven’t received a reply immediately, do not follow up with a barrage of messages, hoping to annoy him or her into responding to you. You want bae to enjoy having a conversation with you. So the next time you’re desperate for a response, remember to give the conversation a chance and stay off your phone if you have to.

DMing is not as complicated as you think if you follow these simple rules. You just have to talk how you would normally talk to your crush in person. If you make the best first impression armed with these tips, the rest will fall into place. The ball is in your court to make it right and to make it count.

Now go get bae, and good luck!


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