On the occasion of the 150th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, our humanitarian and Corporate Icon, QNET offices around the world are paying him tribute through various charitable activities that emulate his principles of service and compassion. In June, the employees of QNET Singapore reaffirmed our #Gandhi150 commitment to support vulnerable persons and families by participating in Habitat Singapore’s Project HomeWorks.

QNET spent their Saturday dedicated to this task. Some of the employees also brought along their family members to help out.  The residents, two elderly gentlemen in their 80s rely on government support, social workers and volunteers to take care of their need. While the government provides them with subsidized housing, due to their advanced age and mobility issues brought about due to health complications, it is difficult for them to maintain their homes.

The QNET Volunteers were taken aback at the dismal condition of the homes they were assigned. The furniture was old and rotting in some cases, walls and flooring had remnants of bed bug infestation, dust and dirt caked the windows and all surfaces. It took two teams over 5 hours each of working in pairs tackling each task to get the homes into habitable condition.

Through Project HomeWorks, QNET worked with Habitat champions in transforming two homes in one of Singapore’s government housing blocks into a safe and sanitary domicile for its elderly residents. The project, which involved heavy cleaning, decluttering, pest extermination and replacement of furniture, has benefited the mobility-challenged elderly residents who do not have families or any other support system.

With the help of V Partner Dev Johl and 18 QNET volunteers, QNET worked with Project HomeWorks, a non-profit organisation who has transformed close to 2,000 homes in Singapore since 2006. We joined in the activities believing that all seniors need to be provided with the opportunity to age with dignity and grace. During our #Gandhi150 session with Project HomeWorks, we helped make the home safer by reducing clutter that is potential fire hazards or could cause accidents like falls, discarding expired food items, and clearing pest-infested furniture to improve health and well-being of the residents.

“The home cleaning activity with Singapore Habitat’s Project HomeWorks was truly a humbling and meaningful experience for all of us. Knowing that what we did goes beyond mere house cleaning and that we are, in fact, contributing to the improvement of quality of life of the elderly residents – we are reminded of the importance of being in service with compassion to others,” shares QNET Singapore General Manager Sharon Quek.

Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM) is a clarion call inspired by our corporate icon Mahatma Gandhi. We cannot wait to bring to life more life-changing and charitable activities as a tribute to this legend. #Gandhi150 is our promise to be the change we want to see in the world.


Wise Words from Our Corporate Icon – Gandhi