QNET continued to follow the values of RYTHM this Ramadan 2019 by planning and organizing over 35 community activities in 25 countries worldwide. The heart-warming initiatives allowed us to share the spirit of Ramadan with thousands of people from vulnerable backgrounds and with several communities in need. The activities were the brainchild of QNET Staff, our agencies and our everyday heroes – our IRs and saw us touch thousands of lives with a simple act of love and charity. 

Here are some of our biggest highlights of the season: 

QNET Ramadan 2019 Almaty

QNET visited the SOS Children’s Village in Almaty, Kazakhstan, to make the wishes of the resident orphans come true. The children showed staff and IRs around the village and put on a musical performance they had prepared just for us. Apart from the gifts they received from us, we also provided a buffet meal for them. 

QNET Ramadan 2019 Almaty 2

The Ramadan festivities continued at with a master class conducted at a culinary studio. One of the top chefs in Almaty not only shared some fun and easy recipes with the ladies of SOS Village but also some very special recipes for Eid.  

QNET Ramadan 2019 Baku Azerbaijan

In Baku, Azerbaijan, QNET organised its Ramadan charity event at Umid Yeri, an orphanage in the heart of the capital. To celebrate the holy season, we presented them with things they needed, including sports equipment, hygiene materials, household products, among other things. For entertainment, we organised a fairy tale juggler and a high tea with cake and fruits. The event was recorded to be aired on ATV, the top local TV channel. 

QNET Ramadan 2019 Erbil

QNET distributed food boxes to 222 families in need in through the Association for the Disabled in Erbil, Kurdistan.

QNET Ramadan 2019 Algiers

In Algiers, Algeria, QNET set up an Iftar tent, and distributed food boxes for the residents of a Nursing Home in Bab Ezzouar.

QNET Ramadan 2019 KuwaitAt Kuwait, QNET staff and IRs distributed more than a hundred dry fruit boxes to those in need.

QNET Ramadan 2019 SharjahWe set up an Iftar tent at an old age home in Sharjah, UAE. We also distributed QNET gift boxes filled with essentials for the residents. 

QNET Ramadan 2019 Qatar Collage

In Qatar, QNET distributed 150 food boxes to the needy.

QNET Ramadan 2019 Casablanca

In partnership with the Arriaya Association for Widows and Orphans in Casablanca, Morocco, QNET distributed 200 food boxes to celebrate Ramadan with the less fortunate.

QNET Ramadan 2019 Tunisia

Tunisia saw us partnering with Association Esmaani, a humanitarian non-profit. Together, we organized the Ramadaniyet Esmaani 2019, and provided Iftar meals and food boxes to over 130 families. 

QNET Ramadan 2019 Mauritiana Collage

In Mauritania, 180 families in need received our food packs and household essentials. 

QNET Ramadan 2019 Cairo Egypt

QNET conducted not one, not two, but three CSR projects in Cairo, Egypt this year. We distributed food packs to a home for orphaned children and also in some of the more disadvantaged areas in the city. Apart from this, we organised an Iftar meal for the underprivileged. 

QNET Ramadan 2019 Iraq Collage

In Iraq, QNET distributed food boxes with essentials to 110 families. 

QNET Ramadan 2019 Saudi Collage

Saudi Arabia was one of our more elaborate Ramadan events with QNET overseeing the distribution of 2000 meals across eight cities in the country.  

QNET Ramadan 2019 KL 2

QNET Ramadan 2019 KL

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, QNET staff, V Partners and VIPs hosted a simple and intimate event on the occasion of Ramadan 2019. The event was attended by 98 beautiful guests from Rumah Titian Kasih, a home for disadvantaged people including orphans and senior citizens. 

QNET Ramadan KL Malou Caluza

The event was attended by QNET CEO Malou Caluza who helped bring joy by providing essentials to the residents of the RTK homes. 

QNET Ramadan 2019 Indonesia

QNET organised a fun day out on for Ramadan 2019 at Kidzania in Jakarta, Indonesia, for hundreds of orphans from several foundations in Tangerang and Bekasi. 

QNET Ramadan 2019 Cameroon Collage

Our efforts in Cameroon saw us making donations to widows and orphans through the Association of Dynamic Women for Widows and Orphans (AFDAVO), a non-profit based in the capital Yaoundé. 

QNET Ramadan 2019 Niger Collage

The wives of the officers of the Forces of Defence and Security (FDS) were the recipients of QNET’s Ramadan initiative in Niger. The women received household essentials that would help them take care of their families.

QNET Ramadan 2019 Togo

In Togo, QNET donated bags of rice and sugar, boxes of tomatoes, and cooking oil to the National Association of Muslims at the Central Mosque in the capital city of Lome. 

QNET Ramadan 2019 Togo

Likewise in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, QNET donated bags of rice, sugar, milk, cooking oil and potatoes to the orphanage, Home Kizoto.

QNET Ramadan 2019 Ivory Coast

QNET distributed 500 food kits containing millet and maize porridge, rice with vegetables and non-alcoholic beverages to Muslims at the Aghien Mosque in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

QNET Ramadan 2019 Mali Collage

In Bamako, Mali, QNET donated bags of rice and sugar, litres of cooking oil, water bottles and assorted drinks to the Imam of Bamako’s Grand Mosque, Imam Koke Kalle. 

QNET Ramadan 2019 Ghana

QNET donated bags of rice, gallons of oil, cans of bottled mineral water, boxes of tomato paste, assorted beverage cans, toiletries and cash at Tamale, Ghana, to the Chief Imam, Alhaji Abdulsalam Ahmed, at the central Tamale Mosque

QNET Ramadan 2019 Senegal Collage

QNET donated bags of rice, sugar, gallons of oil, soaps and toiletries to the students of the Koranic School in Thies, Senegal

QNET Ramadan 2019 Kenya Collage

QNET brought cheer to Tree House Children’s Home in Nairobi, Kenya, through its donation of foodstuff including rice, beans, maize flour, cooking oil, soft drinks and water.

QNET Ramadan 2019 Tanzania Collage

QNET Ramadan Activities In The Press
QNET’s many Ramadan activities covered in local newspapers

Children from ten orphanage centres in Dodoma, Tanzania, attended an Iftar session hosted by QNET. The event brought together more than 200 children to break their fast with the Regional Sheikh of Dodoma Mustapha Shaaban, members of the Muslim Council of Tanzania and QNET Independent Representatives. 

Reaching out to people in need and helping however we can is at the heart of QNET and is reflected in everything we do. We are happy that 2019 gave us the opportunity to do more and touch more lives during the holy season of Ramadan than ever before. Here’s looking forward to many more opportunities to touch a billion hearts.


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