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QNET Success Story Didar Skakov Talks About His Will To Win

QNET Success Story Didar Skakov Featured

How do you succeed in direct sales and become a QNET success story? Some emphasise the need for a good education, initial investments and experience in working with people. Others speak about the importance of communication, technology and a large network. For Skakov Didar, the top Independent Representative of QNET Kazakhstan, however, success came from sheer perseverance and his will to win.

A Leader With An Unquenchable Fighting Spirit

Didar has always been a fighter. In his youth, he practised taekwondo, and at 19 he earned the title of master candidate in weightlifting. He is someone who is used to training daily with a team and working on a tight schedule from a very young age. However, he didn’t end up pursuing a career in sports and left the local Academy of Sport and Tourism in his first year there. To make ends meet, he became an assistant driver in a railway company in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Deep down, however, Didar Skakov knew he only had to wait a while longer before he could rise up as a leader. And in 2016, through QNET, he found a new goal to aim for and took great strides to achieve it. He signed up for the QNET Opportunity after three meetings, and three years later, Didar became the top QNET Independent Representative in Kazakhstan. Today he leads a dynamic team that all look up to him as a role model. In a short span of time, his life radically changed. Didar was extremely successful, moved from a small city to Almaty, the largest metropolis of Kazakhstan, and now often travels around the world making him not just a leader but a QNETPRO.

Having The Right Mindset To Be A QNET Success Story

“I immediately set a goal and focussed all my attention into achieving it. After all, persistent and focused work always brings good results. There’s a saying where I’m from that if you hit at one point with all the strength and skills, you’ll break through. I am not distracted by social networks or other sales tools as I prefer to meet with my clients personally. I talk about tripsavr products, company activities, and present a business plan. The most important thing is to explain to people the opportunity to combine business with pleasure. So while they work, it’s like they rest! After all, this is additional income. And if they like it, it can become and even exceed their main source of income. I share my own experiences as living proof. In three and a half years, I have travelled across the world 15 times.”

Work As A Team And Work On Yourself

For Didar, teamwork is important, so he invests a lot of time and effort in building a dream team.  He had grown up accustomed to discipline and teamwork, and so knew full well the importance of a supportive team and coach. He continues to apply the principles he learnt in sports to the business of direct sales. In order to become a strong trainer and leader who can lead, Didar believes that one should constantly works on themselves, attends trainings, webinars, and leadership courses.

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“One personal motivator was meeting with Partners and Founders of QNET at VCON. Each conference introduces something new and inspires us to be even more successful. At the last conference in Penang, I felt such a charge of positivity and confidence, which naturally positively affected my sales growth,” Didar shares.

He believes that belief in yourself and in your own success paves the way for actualised success. “You have to focus on yourself. Don’t care about what other people say, or use it to further fuel your drive. Prove them wrong and grow strong.”


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