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Electromagnetic Pollution: How to Protect Yourself

Electromagnetic pollution. E-smog – the invisible elephant in the room. Though we can neither see nor feel it, it very much is real. Since the onset of the Digital Age, we have cultivated daily and constant use of electronic devices. We have made our mobile phones, tablets and laptops so deeply integrated in our lives that they’ve become quite indispensable.

Despite rapid technological developments, biologically, we remain susceptible to harmful variables in our environment. Prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation adversely affects our health, with common symptoms including chronic headaches, fatigue, disruptive sleep patterns, depression and, yes, even brain cancer. To address this issue, we spoke to Prof. Konstantin Korotkov, a world-renowned scientist in biophysics.

Understanding electromagnetic pollution

Professor Korotkov’s research career spans over 40 years. He has received many international prestigious awards and published over 300 papers in leading journals on physics and biology. Professor Korotkov dedicates his time to investigating and understanding the complexities of the human energy system, and how electromagnetic pollution affects it in the subtlest ways.


“The 21st century has witnessed an increase in brain cancer patients, and many scientists believe that it is related to the use of mobile phones. It is dangerous particularly for children and pregnant women. We [scientists] are sure that this is not addressed enough as an issue in society,” he said when asked regarding society’s exposure to electromagnetic pollution or EMFs (electromagnetic fields). Last we checked, that comes from all our devices.

The science behind e-smog and biofield is still emerging, and that’s where people like Professor Korotkov come in. ‘Biofield’ has long been an accepted scientific term and pertains to the field of energy and information that surrounds and penetrates the human body. “We have an increasing number of papers published on this topic. We need to use and further develop instruments for studying the human biofield, have the results published both in peer-reviewed journals and popular books and articles,” Professor Korotkov said.

What can we do?

So, let’s say after finishing this article, you decide to read up on this “biofield stuff”. The questions still arise – what helps protect us from electromagnetic pollution? What helps in balancing our biofield, helps in increasing our wellbeing? Glad you asked! The answers to those questions can be found in our wellness products: The Bio Disc 3, the E-Guard, and the Chi Pendant 3.

Innovative; quantum; exclusive. These are the attributes of our Amezcua products. Designed and developed for your wellness and inner balance, these products have undergone multi-instrumental studies and yielded positive results in harmonising energy levels.

  • The Bio Disc 3, made of mineral-infused crystal glass, restructures water molecules and optimises cellular hydration.
  • The E-Guard, a sticker-based solution made with titanium, provides protection from EMF radiation.
  • The Chi Pendant 3, made of granulated crystals (which emit natural frequencies), neutralises electromagnetic frequencies through a proprietary Quantum Field Technology™ (QFT™) and re-establishes our human energy field connection.

If you didn’t know, now you know!


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