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Chakrapani Reddy’s Success In QNET Helped Him Provide For His Parents

QNET Sapphire Star Chakrapani Reddy

Sapphire Star Chakrapani Reddy is an upcoming star who used his success in QNET to help provide for his parents’ retirement. Born to farmers who didn’t have an education, he was raised by parents who worked really hard to provide him and his brother with a good education. After his post-graduation, he started a job at a big automotive company which was both his first and last job. There was no looking back after he was introduced to QNET.

Now, he spends his days building his team and achieving goal after goal. Let’s read more about his QNET journey.

How Did You Learn About QNET?

A friend and a professor at my university introduced me to QNET and the concept of direct selling. I was immediately drawn to the products and the opportunity. I immediately saw this as the perfect way to give my family the kind of life I felt they deserved. QNET turned out to be the exact opportunity that I was looking for.

Why Did You Pick QNET As Your Direct Selling Company Of Choice?

Being the son of farmers, I was witness to the sheer amount of physical and mental labour my parents had to put in day in and day out. Not only were they working demanding jobs, but they were also faced with many financial challenges. When I was in university, I once asked them to retire. They shrugged it off and said that once I got a job, they’d consider it. And so, my only goal at that point was to get a job.

When I got a job after my graduation, reality hit me. I was never going to be able to earn enough to make this dream for my parents come true. The idea that my parents had to continue working for many more years really broke my heart. I was determined to find other opportunities to help me make my dream come true. That’s when I found QNET.


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Did You Face Any Challenges In Your QNET Journey?

Even though I lived in a different province to my mentors, they taught me everything I needed to know to take a real shot at success in QNET. Within two weeks, I was able to build a team of 20. However, since they were based in a different town, managing them from my town was difficult. I was new and inexperienced at that time and so I ended up losing all of them. Losing them wasn’t the end of it. They started spreading misinformation about me in my social circle, which meant I wasn’t able to add anyone to my team. The next 10 months were the toughest in terms of rejections.

How Did You Overcome Those Challenges?

Giving up was never an option. Thanks to my mentors, I persevered. We created an environment where we would motivate each other and freely discuss any problems we were facing. This helped me feel like I was not alone and help me with ideas on how to overcome whatever problem I was facing.

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I attended two important training programmes under the Network Seminar series, and that was when I really started to believe that through this business, I could change my life. I finally quit my job, moved towns and became a full-time Independent Representative. Shortly after, I attended my first VCON in Penang, Malaysia. It ignited in me exactly the kind of fire I need to help me prospect. That was the key to my success.

When Did You First Notice That Your Life Had Changed?

After two years of doing my absolute best, of never giving up and of working harder than I have ever worked in my life, I was able to give my parents enough money to retire. It wasn’t a lot of money, but it was worth at least four years of their annual income. I was so happy because my lifetime dream had finally come true.

Beyond the money, QNET helped me grow as a person. Because of my background, I wasn’t able to pursue some of the opportunities life sent my way because I was not confident enough. Thanks to QNET, I have discovered a whole new me. The QNET business model, the support system of like-minded distributors like me, the training programmes designed to hone our network marketing skills, it helped me truly believe in myself and gave me the courage to go after every dream I have.

How Do You Practice #QNETPRO Principles In Your Business?

QNET is all about the products and its amazing Compensation Plan. However, I have heard of instances where people are misled into thinking that QNET is some sort of investment or get-rich-quick scheme. Such techniques may work in the short run, but it will not work out in the long run.

This is why I always make sure that my team makes only QNET official presentations to prospects. We always explain the business clearly and always ensure that a potential IR has understood the business model and the products perfectly. Honesty and integrity is the only way to build a sustainable and successful business in QNET.

What Advice Would You Give Your Fellow Networkers?

I truly believe in the importance of teamwork. As the saying goes, “Alone, you go fast. As a team, you go far.” To achieve success in QNET, you cannot do things solo. Through teamwork, you can overcome any weaknesses and problems you may face. All obstacles fade away in the long run when you love what you do and give it your best every single day. Be flexible and open to change. And whatever happens, never give up.


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