Sunday, May 28, 2023

Five Must-Follow Dating Tips For Men By Real Women

Dating is hard enough without having to keep in mind the millions of rules we’ve been told over the ages, especially when dating dynamics change every day. What should you wear? What should you talk about? Is it still okay to offer to pay for the date? Worry no more! Here are five dating tips for men by real women.

Be Yourself

While it’s okay to look up to celebrities for style tips, don’t try to be their twin while on a date. Be who you are instead of who you think she wants you to be.  It might feel better for a conversation to agree with everything she says, but women like nothing more than people who are open, honest, and who have their own opinions.

Talk About Your Interests

Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you dominate the conversation without letting bae get her fair share of talk time, but women like it when you talk about your hobbies and interests. Stay away from isolating topics like religion and politics.

Don’t Move Too Fast

When you like someone, it’s easy to get over-excited. But whatever you do, do NOT try to move things forward too quickly. Many women have stressed the importance of taking things slow and investing quality time in dates before talking about taking it to the next level.

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Stay In Shape

There’s nothing more attractive to a woman than knowing that a man takes care of himself and his body. Be it through grooming, diet or exercise, a man who invests in his own physical self is proof that he truly cares about health and balance. So make sure you add physical activity into your routine and supplement that with QAlive. Through a boost in testosterone, QAlive helps improve the basal metabolic rate in your body which in turn helps reduce body fat, improve lean body mass and maintain your muscles.

Be Honest

From the get-go, be honest about your intentions, especially about what you are looking for in a relationship. Don’t hide it when you feel something is not working out, even when it’s hard to talk about. A lot of women have said that they appreciate honesty in men and would much rather hear the truth than being ghosted.

These dating tips for men by real women are brought to you by QAlive with the hope that it will help you bring you’re A-game to your next date. To our female QNET IRs, leave a comment and let us know what other tips you would add to the list.

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