The Usual Suspects For Poor Indoor Air Quality

AirPure Zayn Poor Indoor Air Quality

We’ve talked about e-smog and the dangers of electromagnetic pollution. We’ve talked about contaminated air and how dangerous the pollution we can’t see is, but do you know who are the usual suspects for poor indoor air quality?

All of us.

That’s right, we humans have contaminated our own air. Awareness over our surroundings is crucial if we’re to live healthy lives, and the fact of the matter is that nowadays, the air in our homes is not safe. In 2016, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) reported a staggering 2.6 million premature deaths from illnesses attributed to household air pollution, the majority of which were women and children.

In this case, most deaths occurred in Asia and Africa and were caused by the use of solid fuels at home (including coal and wood). Though it’s true, certain regions lack access to modern energy sources and the solution seems quite simple, yet these cases still occur in developed countries as well due to different pollutants.

What are those pollutants, you ask?

Well, to start off, there are certain causes that can be easily recognised. Namely – toxic products, insufficient ventilation, heat and humidity. These factors are what causes respiratory problems, and in some extreme cases, even cancer. The leading chemicals that contribute to poor indoor air quality are:

  • Asbestos. Found in various materials in the automotive industry as well as home construction, they are most typically found in coatings, paints, building materials and tiles. Certain household products like varnishes and paints also release pollution into the air we breathe.
  • Formaldehyde, found in paints, sealants, and coated wood floors.
  • Tobacco smoke from outdoor and indoor areas.
  • Mildew, mould, bacteria, and dust mites, all of which accumulate in humid areas in our household.

AirPure Zayn Poor Indoor Air Quality

Now, as avid QBuzz readers, at this point, you’ll know that QNET wouldn’t be talking to you about problems without presenting a solution. There are a number of easy ways you could improve your indoor air quality. But still, what is the main thing one needs to ensure clean, purified air? Why, an air purifier of course, and not just any air purifier – the new and upgraded AirPure Zayn!

Developed in Switzerland, manufactured in South Korea, and tested and certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF), its 5-stage purification process sterilises indoor air by removing 99.8% of airborne particulates, allergens, and other pollutants.

At QNET, we always send our products for third-party lab validation to ensure top quality control. In the most recent test conducted for microbial reduction, our team placed mould and virus in a test chamber with an AirPure Zayn unit. After two hours, the test unit managed to reduce 99.9% of the mould and 95% of the virus.

Give your family the clean air you all deserve and get your Zayn for your home!


Creating a Healthy Indoor Air Environment For Your Home

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