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Platinum Star V Council Member Baurzhan Uali Shares How QNET Changed His Life

V Council Member Baurzhan Uali Featured

Hailing from a small village in Kazakhstan called Sariozek, V Council Member Baurzhan Uali was a college student before he heard about the QNET Opportunity. He had an unquenchable thirst to change his life and so when his brother first introduced him to QNET, there was no looking back. When he isn’t concentrating on building his network and being a product of his product, V Council Member Baurzhan Uali enjoys reading books, watching movies with a message and driving around the city. Here’s what he had to say about his QNET journey and his path to success.

What challenges have you faced when you were just starting your business?

I faced many problems when I first started my journey in QNET. For example, there were competing multi-level marketing companies in Kazakhstan that were poaching our leaders, and there was a lot of negative news on TV at that time. But I persevered and was able to build my business once I understood the difference between QNET as a legitimate direct selling company and pyramid schemes, and the importance of being a #QNETPRO.

Describe your life before and after QNET

Life before QNET was hard. I was a student and lived in a small rented room, and couldn’t afford to go shopping or even dream of owning a car or going on a vacation. I was merely existing, go through life doing the motions. But thanks to QNET, I learned how to achieve my goals and grew as a personality. QNET helped me believe in my dreams and to live the lifestyle I wanted all my life.

How did you build your sales team?

The most important thing is to learn how to use your time properly. Time-management is key. Teamwork is also extremely important — it is impossible to achieve success in QNET without a team. I have helped my leaders build a team, and constantly share my experiences with them so that they need not make the same mistakes I made in my direct selling journey. My team always has my support whenever they are feeling low, and I constantly remind them about why they joined QNET. I always push them forwards so that they do not get stuck in their comfort zones.

Together, we make plans and set goals for one, three or six months. I give them advice on how to make their team and income grow. And I always expect a 100% commitment from my leaders and my team! I want them to work on the QNET Opportunity with all their hearts, investing their time and energy and, most importantly, their souls! Giving up is not an option.

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What inspired you to achieve the Platinum Star rank and how did you do it?

I did everything I possibly could to help my leaders Max Out so that they could focus on their goals. With the genuine intention and sheer hard work I have put in not only to help myself but also others, I managed to achieve the Platinum Star rank. Now I want to help others in my team become Platinum Stars and I want to achieve the Diamond Star rank! I always follow the rule “Forget about yourself and think about your directs – raise their income” I advise all my team members to create 100 leaders! Stay focused on your goals and never enter your comfort zone!

Have you ever thought of quitting?

It happened at the beginning of my QNET journey, during the first 6 months. But after I made a 100% commitment to become successful, these thoughts never came into my mind again. When you make a decision to become 100% successful in QNET, you no longer think of quitting the business!

Do you have any success tips for young entrepreneurs?

I recommend helping build 100 strong leaders in your team! Never listen to those people who want to deprive you of faith or break you.

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  1. I have beleive in myself and Qnet
    But none is my prospect beleive on me.
    Then How I’ll sign up my prospect?


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