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V Council Member Mikhanov Dossymkhan: Achieving Your Max-Out Dream is Not Rocket Science

V Council Member Mikhanov Dossymkhan QNET Success Story

One of our youngest Platinum stars, V Council Member Mikhanov Dossymkhan is a lawyer who grew up in Semipalatinsk, a small city in Kazakhstan. He worked as a Civil Service Inspector in the criminal area field. He eventually became a Lieutenant.

V Council Member Mikhanov Dossymkhan was introduced to QNET by a colleague five years ago and that day marked the beginning of his life-changing journey with us. He graced the V-Malaysia stage last April 2019 twice; for being a newly appointed V Council Member and for achieving QNET’s Platinum Star rank.

What challenges have you faced when you were just starting your business?

I found that it was uncomfortable to introduce people into the business especially when I do not have personal achievements in the business yet. I got upset every time I receive rejections but then I realized that these are all parts of the process.

Describe your life before and after QNET

Life before QNET was aimless. All I wanted was to earn enough money for a living. With QNET, I started to hope for a better life, I believed in myself and worked towards a better life for my family and myself.

My 5-year journey with QNET made me experience and manage a wide range of emotions that an ordinary person can only experience over an entire lifetime. There were times when it seemed that success is too far, but I got support and inspiration from events like V-CON, ISB, and ZONE.

How did you build your sales team?

First, you need to take care of yourself. You cannot take care of others and build a team if you don’t do this. QNET has a lot of life-enhancing products in the e-Store and you have to take advantage of those. In this business, you cannot work alone. You need a well-coordinated team with one goal. I focussed on earnings and motivated my team to excel in the business. I held different kinds of events for them so we can develop teamwork and build confidence in each other. This is very important.

I also believe that maintaining ethical business standards is of highest priority in building a team’s foundation. Every person engaged in Direct Sales must pay taxes and adhere to local rules. I have practised these and made sure that my team conducts business professionally as well.

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What inspired you to achieve the Platinum Star rank it and how did you do it?

I was In Service in V-Malaysia 2018 when I saw Platinum, Diamond and Blue Diamond Stars being recognised onstage for the first time. I then promised myself that I will be recognised on that stage, too. So, I focused on the rank requirements and pushed myself to hit it all. My only success formula was: FAITH + ACTION + COMMITMENT.

Have you ever thought of quitting?

It never came to my mind; but I used to lose heart in the first year in this business. The training courses, my uplines and of course, my dream held me together and made my desire to achieve even stronger. Everyone has once experienced these, so why should I stop?

What are some of your success tips for young entrepreneurs?

NEVER GIVE UP AND BE PROACTIVE. Do not rely on other people to help you achieve success, work hard and enjoy the process. Achieving your max-out dreams is not rocket science.

V Council Member Mikhanov Dossymkhan is a true inspiration and living proof that anyone can achieve success with the right mindset. Will you be our next Platinum Star? Leave a comment.


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