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Insta Talks: CEO Malou Caluza On The Strength Of A Woman

QNET CEO Malou Caluza

We read every single one of the comments you leave us on Instagram if only to give us the inspiration we need to keep doing what we do at QNET. Our beloved QNET CEO Malou Caluza is no different. Here are her answers to some of your Instagram questions in a series we’d like to call – Insta Talks. In this post, Ms Malou Caluza answers questions related to being a woman in the direct selling industry, being a female entrepreneur, finding and achieving success, and balancing work and life.

Is direct selling a good choice for women? Why? 

Direct Selling provides women with opportunities that not only help them sustain their lives financially but also enhance their personal development and growth with flexible hours. In QNET, I personally saw how women changed and became empowered while balancing their daily challenges and this is one key accomplishment we are very proud of.

More and more women are becoming successful in the industry now and this confirms that direct selling is an ecosystem of entrepreneurship that nurtures personal development and encourages women to flourish and grow whilst being able to balance the many roles they have to fulfil every day.

What qualities make women especially suited for direct selling?

Women play myriads of roles on a daily basis and the qualities that direct selling professionals need are already integrated into those roles that we take— the heart for service, diligence and being naturally social are just some of the many qualities that are necessary for a person to succeed in the industry.

You have shown a phenomenal career growth that many can only dream about. At the same time, you have a family, household duties, you are the mother of three sons. What advice do you have, maybe, where to get the strength for all this? 

Again, honestly, I did not have a career plan, I just did and still do the things that I think is right for the Company and our customers.  What did not stop, though, is my learning.  I have not stopped learning from Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran, Joseph Bismark and the Directors for more than 20 years now. I also learned a lot from the people outside of our Company and the Industry.

One of the great things that I’ve learned and kept in my heart is that I am responsible, I am accountable and that I must take ownership and be better than yesterday, always.   I am also very self-motivated.

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I experienced challenges balancing my work, family and faith in the beginning, I struggled quite a lot especially when the boys were younger.  But having a supportive husband and children made a lot of difference.  We set our goals and dreams for our family and accepted that in order for us to achieve those, we will have a lot of compromises and sacrifices.  It takes love, faith, patience and resilience to be able to do the things I do today.

The most meaningful part of all these achievements is that I was able to help my family and others.  That I was able to show them that, yes, we can dream bigger and actually achieve them. I am very, very grateful for everything that I went through and have.

Stay tuned for more Instagram interviews with QNET CEO Malou Caluza where we get up close and personal with her QNET journey and the advice she has for budding entrepreneurs. Watch this space for more!


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