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Celebrating Our 21st Anniversary With 21 QNET Success Stories

We could think of no better way to celebrate our 21st Anniversary than by looking back at 21 QNET success stories we’re proud of. These inspiring role models started off with humble backgrounds and rose to their successes through sheer will power and hard work. If they have one thing in common, it’s that they are passionate and they never give up, no matter the obstacles. Here are their incredible stories, in no particular order.

1. Associate V Partner Dauren Issabayev

Platinum Star Associate V Partner Dauren Issabayev had a long and interesting journey before finally finding QNET in 2009. With a degree in Economics and an extensive background in audit and accounting, he worked in the bank and tax industry, served in the national army, worked as a broker and sold apartments and houses as a real estate agent until one of his college classmates introduced QNET to him. His classmate had doubts on whether he will be interested but tried it anyway, and for that, Associate V Partner Dauren Issabayev remains grateful until this day.

Associate V Partner Dauren Issabayev: Have A Plan

2. V Council Member Mikhanov Dossymkhan

One of our youngest Platinum stars, V Council Member Mikhanov Dossymkhan is a lawyer who grew up in Kazakhstan, and was introduced to QNET by a colleague five years ago. That day marked the beginning of his life-changing journey with us. He graced the V-Malaysia stage in April 2019 twice – for being a newly appointed V Council Member and for achieving QNET’s Platinum Star rank.

V Council Member Mikhanov Dossymkhan: Achieving Your Max-Out Dream is Not Rocket Science

3. V Council Member Baurzhan Uali

Hailing from a small village in Kazakhstan called Sariozek, V Council Member Baurzhan Uali was a college student before he heard about the QNET Opportunity. He had an unquenchable thirst to change his life and so when his brother first introduced him to QNET, there was no looking back. When he isn’t concentrating on building his network and being a product of his product, V Council Member Baurzhan Uali enjoys reading books, watching movies with a message and driving around the city. Here’s what he had to say about his QNET journey and his path to success.

Platinum Star V Council Member Baurzhan Uali Shares How QNET Changed His Life

4. Associate V Partner Nidaa Ryweck

When it comes to QNET success stories, Associate V Partner Nidaa Ryweck cannot be forgotten. Born to an American dad and a Fijian mom, and currently living in the UAE, Platinum Star Associate V Partner Nidaa Ryweck has lived an adventure that most people would not be able to boast of in their lifetimes. Having attended Arabic schools, Associate V Partner Nidaa Ryweck became fluent in Arabic and had been working and studying since the age of 18. She even paid her way through university where she earned a degree in Business Management. After working several jobs as an English Teacher, an Administrative Assistant and an Employee Relations Specialist at National Guard Hospital, Associate V Partner Nidaa Ryweck finally quit to pursue the QNET business opportunity full time.

QNET Platinum Star Associate V Partner Nidaa Ryweck Talks Success

5. Didar Skakov

How do you succeed in direct sales and become one of our QNET success stories? Some emphasise the need for a good education, initial investments and experience in working with people. Others speak about the importance of communication, technology and a large network. For Skakov Didar, the top Independent Representative of QNET Kazakhstan, however, success came from sheer perseverance and his will to win.

QNET Success Story Didar Skakov Talks About His Will To Win

6. Chakrapani Reddy

Sapphire Star Chakrapani Reddy is an upcoming star who used his success in QNET to help provide for his parents’ retirement. Born to farmers who didn’t have an education, he was raised by parents who worked really hard to provide him and his brother with a good education. After his post-graduation, he started a job at a big automotive company which was both his first and last job. There was no looking back after he was introduced to QNET. He is planted firmly in our list of inspiring QNET success stories.

Now, he spends his days building his team and achieving goal after goal. Let’s read more about his QNET journey.

Chakrapani Reddy’s Success In QNET Helped Him Provide For His Parents

21 Years Of QNET 67. V Council Member Jean Luc

One of the strongest developers and builders of the Sub-Saharan African markets today, and QNET success story, Platinum Star and V Council Member Jean Luc is a leader who constantly pushes to raise the bar and believes that success isn’t just about him. An accountant turned networker, he dreamt of taking away the hardships faced by his family and giving them a better life. But, he didn’t stop there. Despite hard conditions, the love for his team pushed him to achieve greater goals, allowing him to come to a point where he is, without a doubt, a compelling example of fighting for what you believe in. His life is an example of how raising yourself can help raise those around you. Here, he shares with us a little bit of his story and shows a different side to Absolute Living.

Associate V Partner Jean Luc: Put Up A Fight But Have Peace Of Mind

8. V Council Member Narjis Ryweck

Today, Narjis is well known as an esteemed regional leader, an admired business coach, and the founder of the Championaires group. A few years ago, though, that wasn’t the case. People disapproved of what she was doing and had even tried to push her to go back to climbing up the corporate ladder because they thought that she wasn’t cut out for business. In the beginning, she faced a lot of rejections, even from the people closest to her. But she held her head up and powered through.

QNET Women: How AVP Narjis Ryweck Embraces Challenges to Succeed in Direct Selling

9. Associate V Partner Kalaiarasi Manikam

One sees the face of QNET women in Associate V Partner Kalaiarasi Manikam, affectionately called AVP Kalai by her peers and friends in the business. She swears that she used to be “boring”, which is hard to believe when she launches into a passionate retelling of how QNET has changed her. Read on to find out about her incredible journey into becoming one of our QNET success stories.

QNET Women: “You Are Limitless!” says AVP Kalai

10. V Council Member Narendra Kriplani

Before joining QNET, V Council Member Narendra Kriplani did not truly understand the true meaning of ‘living life to the fullest’. Confined to a 9-5 managerial job in a leading telecommunications company for 8 years, he and his wife lived a routine, average life. They decided to join QNET when his cousin shared the business opportunity with him in 2008.

QNET Success Story – Platinum Star VC Narendra Kriplani

21 Years of QNET11. V Partner Sachin Gupta and V Partner Kavita Sugandh

QNET’s first-ever Blue Diamond Star V Partner Sachin, one of our biggest QNET success stories, clearly remembers joining QNET back in July 2008. Now ten years in the business, he remains an epitome of burning passion for success whilst ensuring that the ones they empower grow the right way, with him and his wife, V Partner Kavita Sugandh, also a Blue Diamond Star. They ‘walk the talk’ to inspire others and ‘talk the walk’ to share their story and success tips that will motivate others to achieve success.

Success Tips from QNET’s First-Ever Blue Diamond Star V Partner Sachin Gupta

12. Platinum Star V Council Member Akram Daoudi

Like most of our most successful network marketing heroes today, Platinum Star V Council Member Akram Daoudi did not immediately see or realise how he can be successful in QNET. Born with a heart of an achiever, he was already on his road, searching for avenues that will lead him to achievements when his friend introduced him to QNET about five years ago. What he saw in QNET was an ‘opportunity to achieve something’. He then grabbed that opportunity with both hands, worked hard and stayed on his path to success since then. He shares his QNET story in this interview.  

Platinum Star VC Akram Daoudi Shares His QNET Story

13. Ainash Zhumadilova

One of the strongest representatives of QNET in Kazakhstan today, Ainash Zhumadilova, is a champion to a strong team of entrepreneurs, constantly pushing herself and those around her to never give up on their dreams. The 36-year-old proud mother of one daughter, and accountant turned full-time networker, overcame her failures and rejections by believing in herself and setting her own goals, which enabled her to move forward and achieve the success she has today.

Ainash Zhumadilova: Accountant-Turned-Successful-QNET-Entrepreneur

14. Shipra and Neeraj Raghunand

Shipra and Neeraj Raghunand’s love story of ‘two states’ is the stuff Bollywood blockbusters are made of. A South Indian Brahmin boy bumps into a North Indian baniya girl on a train and it was love at first sight! Their relationship blossomed and led to marriage with the couple moving to Bangalore to start their life together.

But it wasn’t going to be a straightforward happily-ever-after saga. Shipra and Neeraj’s marital journey was fraught with financial challenges and the many constraints that came with the economic recession in the country at the time. But the trying times only made them stronger. From white-collar professionals living in fear of losing their jobs due to the recession to the entrepreneurial power couple they are today with one of Asia’s largest direct selling companies, that is the journey that redefines their love story.

Shipra’s determination to make a success of her business not only inspired her husband and brother to follow suit but also motivated thousands of others to continue to strive for success and never give up.

In this interview, this successful couple shares the story of their extraordinary journey together.

Shipra and Neeraj Raghunand

15. Prashant and Anupama

Opposites attract! Another one of our QNET success stories Prashant and Anupama are the perfect examples of this. Prashant, the South Mumbai boy from a well-to-do, liberal family who gave up his studies to open a restaurant and Anupama, from a traditional South Indian family in Bangalore, academically accomplished and focussed on building a career. And yet, sparks flew when they met and together this couple went on to build an immensely successful direct selling business that transformed their lives.

An excerpt from an interview with the couple.

Prashant and Anupama

21 Years of QNET16. Chiranjeevi Reddy

More than seven years ago, Chiranjeevi Reddy was leading a comfortable, steady life. He was not looking for any new opportunities. But his life changed completely when he discovered the world of network marketing through his brother and cousin. Initially, he was not interested, but when he realised the earning potential that the opportunity with QNet presented, he decided to explore it further. He realised that he could gain and grow from using and selling world-class QNET products. His initial hesitation turned into a strong passion for network marketing, catapulting him to great heights of success. Today he is a QNET Platinum Star.

Chiranjeevi Reddy

17. Upendranath Reddy

We all face adversities in life. Most of the time, these come from the people closest to us – people whose opinions we value and hence allowing it to affect us. To stay strong in the face of these adversities, it takes a strong reason to make us find our motivation, our resolve. What if your reason is that person who doubts you? What are you fighting for? And in this case, rather, who are you fighting for? Upendranath Reddy, brother of Chakrapani Reddy, shares his resolve to make it in this business.

Upendranath Reddy

18. Becoming Her Own Hero

Pooja Veragiwala, who joined QNET as a shy and reserved woman, worried her own team that this business might be too overwhelming for her. But through it all, she remained tenacious yet grounded.  An inspiring QNET success story, she believed in her Uplines and followed her leaders. She held on to her big dreams, which she always knew she would achieve, without seeking the recognition for her hard work. Here’s an insight into this quiet achiever’s mind that is worth sharing.

Pooja Veragiwala

19. From Living in a Chawl to Building a Global Business

Sharfunnisa Shaikh grew up in a ‘chawl’ and shared a common toilet with the other residents in the small suburb of Pimpri in Pune. She came from a lower-middle-class family, was shy and couldn’t speak English properly. Money was always tight and life was not easy for her family. Today she is a successful entrepreneur with a thriving direct selling business, travels the world inspiring others, and is a role model for many women.

Sharfunnisa Shaikh

20. Help Others Rise And Work With A Purpose

From a Doctor of Pathology, treating the essential nature of diseases, to a leader changing lives, Dr Yashu Tyagi now empowers and helps others to achieve their dreams in India. When Dr Tyagi first joined QNET in 2012, she faced a lot of adversities and rejection from family and friends. Six years later, she now shines like a star. In celebration of the International Women’s Day, we spoke with Dr Tyagi to find out what made her the empowered woman she is today.

Dr Yashu Tyagi

21. V Partner Dev Wadhwani

V Partner Dev Wadhwani gave up a flourishing career in banking when he discovered direct selling nearly a decade ago. He was a big cynic, as are most people, when he first came to know of QNET – until he got to know the company in all its greatness. With a background in finance where everything was numbers, facts and figures, VP Dev was very sceptical and was disinterested in pursuing the business.

Dev Wadhwani


21 Years of Empowering Entrepreneurs Celebrated at V-Malaysia 2019 Grand Opening

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