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Listen And Learn From These Top Podcasts For Entrepreneurs And Leaders

Top Podcasts For Direct Sellers And Leaders (2)

Even if your life is too hectic to include a healthy bit of reading, these podcasts for entrepreneurs (this means YOU, our beloved IRs!) are perfect to listen to on the go. Whether you are driving around to get to an important business presentation, getting in your daily exercise, or sitting down for your lunch, podcasts are a fantastic way to learn as you get on with your life.

And just so you don’t get lost in the multitude of podcasts available to you, we’ve handpicked our top six favourites that will help you gain insights into leadership, branding, personal growth, innovation and productivity – all from successful entrepreneurs and direct sellers worldwide.


This is for all of our IRs who want to reject traditional employment in favour of entrepreneurship. Hosted by Brian Clark, the founder of Copyblogger, the podcast has guests that include rock icons, authors, social media gurus who give their advice and insights into the scary world of self-employment.

The School of Greatness

Hosted by Lewis Howes, a New York Times bestselling author, lifestyle entrepreneur and former pro athlete, The School of Greatness covers topics such as entrepreneurship, relationships, business, inspiration and so much more. Listen to this podcast if you want to not only be successful but also live a fulfilling, healthy, and balanced lifestyle at the same time.

Leadership Biz Cafe

Listening to this amazing podcast for entrepreneurs is like sitting down for a cup of cha with your favourite mentor. It focusses on how to be the best leader you can be and what skills you need to get to that space. Hosted by Tanveer Nasser, you get to listen in on personal conversations with today’s best leadership thinkers and influencers.

Eventual Millionaire

Don’t let the name put you off from listening to this podcast. Hosted by Jaime Masters this podcast has as many as 350 interviews with real-life millionaires and billionaires. Sharing their stories for listeners who have the same goals, the show is full of insights into how to overcome obstacles, how to nurture the right mindset, and how to travel the bumpy road to success by making the right decisions.

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Youpreneur FM

Chris Ducker, an expert at creating personal brands, hosts this weekly podcast along with many guests from the field of business and marketing. He asks the questions we all have on our minds and gets exactly the kind of advice that would be useful when it comes to building our own brand from scratch and watching it grow, all in the quickest time possible.

She Did It Her Way

From the viewpoint of a woman in the field of entrepreneurship, She Did It Her Way is a great podcast for leaders and is hosted by Amanda Boleyn. It was created to help female entrepreneurs navigate the world of entrepreneurship, with helpful advice on how to grow and succeed in their business ventures. It was named of the 12 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs by Forbes Magazine, and for good reason.

If listening to podcasts are already part of your routine, add a few of these top podcasts for entrepreneurs to your list. If not, now is a good time as any to build on your current leadership and business skills. Think of it as a new source of knowledge and motivation to help you reach your max out goals!


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