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Insta Talks: Getting Real With QNET CEO Malou Caluza

Insta Talks QNET CEO Malou Caluza


This second instalment of our Insta Talks series is inspired by real questions you have left for our amazing QNET CEO Malou Caluza on our QNET Official Instagram page. In this post, we get up close and personal with Ms Malou, asking her questions about how she started at QNET, what kept her going, who she reached out for support, and also about her fight with cancer.

What attracted you, 20 years ago, to a company that just started developing?

To be quite honest, I was just looking for a job and I found our company’s ad.  It was for a receptionist/customer service position.  I remember, I was interviewed by our founder, Joseph Bismark and right there and then, I felt that am in a good company.  True enough, when I started working, I’ve learned the beautiful story of how we started, the purpose of what we do, and that sealed my commitment.

You often, in your Instagram, say that without the support of others you would not have reached such heights. What was the support? 

The support came directly from the Founders and the Directors.  We all worked together. Because we were just starting, everyone took ownership and were supported.  Whenever we hit a rough spot, we will always talk and find solutions together.  They LISTENED to everyone including me, who was the new staff and was supported in all my recommendations and feedback.  This made a lot of difference to me because it gave me confidence early on to focus on the positive things and do my job well.

You went through a very frightening experience – fighting cancer. How to go through hard times in life and not to lose hope?

Everything I’ve learned in the Company, positivity,  mental strength, resilience, discipline and overcoming had prepared me for that cancer diagnosis.  I’ve realized that having a strong, positive perspective is already half the healing and solution to this serious illness.  I also have a very strong faith in God, I’ve always believed that nothing happens by accident.  It is in my destiny that I will have to go through this and win the battle.  Did I have a lot of weak moments and doubts during this time?  YES, definitely, and I have allowed myself to go through those times, it was part of my cleansing so to speak.  One of my compelling reasons to not give up and not lose hope is also my family.  I wanted to celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary with my husband and see and spoil my grandchildren.

Do you have a role model in your life? Who is that person?

I’ve quite a few, but let me speak about my mother as my biggest role model. My mother – she’s fierce, fearless, tough on the outside but very soft inside.  I grew up seeing her wake up at midnight to go to the market to sell fish every day.  We had a small market stall and she was proud of it, and also because my beloved grandmother was also doing the same thing.  She finished a vocational course but never got to practice it, selling fish was that one thing that allowed us to go to school, had modest clothing, and buy small things that we wanted as kids.  She didn’t have a lot of friends and endured many family heartbreaks, but never did I see her give up or give in even until today.  I got my strength and resilience from her.

Stay tuned for the next instalment of Insta Talks with Ms Malou Caluza where she answers even more questions you left for her on our Official Instagram account! 




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