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QNET Returns And Refunds Policy Puts IRs First

At QNET, every product and service is created with you, our IRs, in mind. However, our commitment to you goes above and beyond as can be seen in the robust QNET Returns and Refunds Policy. We aim to provide you with the opportunity, the products and the service that you love, but if you are not happy, here is a list of our policies, simplified.

Your Right To Cancel Your Contract

According to the QNET Returns and Refunds Policy, you have the right to cancel your contract. If that’s what you’ve decided, let us know in writing so that we can assist you.

1. If you come across an issue with your products, our duty to you is to fulfil any shortage or non-delivery, to replace or repair damaged or defective products, or to refund the amount you have paid for the products. Here’s what you need to do:

2. You can cancel your contract with us for products that you have ordered at any time within these deadlines:

3. If it is a service that you want to cancel, write to us within the dates specified and we will follow through with the protocols set out for you.

What To Do In Case You’ve Cancelled Your Contract After Product Or Service Delivery?

Don’t worry. We understand that in some cases you may have received your order before cancelling your contract, or that you decided to cancel your contract after the delivery of your product or service. In this case, according to the QNET Returns and Refunds Policy, you need to do two things.

  1. Send the product back to our contact address at your own cost and risk.
  2. Send the product back to us in the same condition as it arrived.

What About Refunds?

Once we’re notified about the cancellation of your contract, you’ll get your refund after a deduction of a reasonable administration fee charged by us and whatever fees your bank will charge you. The fees that will be deducted can vary depending on various factors including region, currencies, shipping and handling fees, and product(s) ordered.

In case of unpaid return delivery, a certain amount will be deducted from the total refund amount for product recovery. You will receive the refund amount as soon as administratively possible.

What Are The Terms Of Resignation From QNET?

While we will be sorry to lose you as a member of our close-knit QNET Family, the QNET Returns and Refunds Policy means that if you have reached a decision to terminate your Representativeship with QNET, we will honour your request. All you have to do is let us know in writing within a notice period of 30 days and we will do the rest.

We hope you will love everything that you order from us but if something isn’t quite right, please reach out to us. The QNET Commitment is to put you first in everything. Share this post with your friends and team so that you can all #EmpowerYourself


QNET Customers are Empowered Customers

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