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Insta Talks: Your Direct Selling Questions Answered By QNET CEO

Insta Talks QNETPRO Malou Caluza


Following our Insta Talks series with QNET CEO Malou Caluza, this third instalment answers all the direct selling questions you’ve asked on Instagram, especially with regards to QNET, direct selling, #QNETPRO, and tips for success. If you’ve missed the previous articles, get up close and personal with Ms Malou’s personal journey in QNET, and learn about the strength of a woman and their connection to direct selling.

But for now, let’s see what our beloved CEO has to say to your Direct Selling questions.

From the top of your experience, tell us, what percentage of those who start working in direct sales achieve success and what unites such people? 

All V Ambassadors (V Partners, Associate V Partners V Council Members) that you see today leading and having the biggest network went through a lot to achieve the success they have right now.  When they’re successful, the company is successful too.  Having said that, the definition of success varies with each people, I’ve learned this especially in our business.

For some, success means earning an extra USD500 a month to help with their monthly expenses or send their kids to a better school.  Others, to help out their ageing parents or renovate their houses.  There are also others who love to have nice cars and a specific amount of money in their bank accounts.  So success is personal.  You define it.

One thing that truly unites our leaders and us, in my opinion, is the belief that we can dream bigger and that we can do anything and everything to achieve those dreams.  We are in a character-building business, you will learn a lot of things in our business that will make you a stronger and a better person.

Many people in direct selling face misunderstanding and negativity. Why do you think this happens, how to handle such situations and how to respond? 

We only face all these due to some people that don’t do it right or do it their own ways without regard to the policies of the company.  And this happens to almost all direct selling companies.  Realizing these challenges early on,  especially in markets we are in,  we initiated a lot of educational trainings and certification, both offline and online.

We started QNETPRO, which aims to educate our IRs about the industry, our Company, and how to do sell product and do the business effectively.  It’s still a work in progress and our commitment is to continue pushing for these because we believe that WE CAN DO WELL BY DOING RIGHT!


Many people doubt themselves. How to help them to develop their strengths and confidence?

Identify your strengths and make sure you practice it to inspire people, consistently and frequently. Your confidence will start to build as you grow and become better at what you do. Be proud and let your strengths inspire people, you will then see that the people you inspire are leading you to become a more confident person in return.

Don’t forget to identify your weaknesses and acknowledge them. When I say acknowledge, I mean ‘own’ them but you should not stop there. Be open, learn and try again every time you fail. Strengths or weaknesses, you must always still be open to learn and improve.

It is also important to have a dream and to believe that you can achieve it with determination, resilience and a grateful heart. Do not wait for anyone or anything to empower you. You have to break any limiting belief that you have and empower yourself so you can completely take charge of your life. Keep in mind that the most successful people in history are best known for their endurance and persistence even when all odds seem to be against them.

When do you think people shouldn’t join direct sales?

First, you need to ask yourself; ‘what are your expectations on direct selling?’ Then you need to do your research on how it will help or not help you realise your goals. The next question you should ask yourself is ‘what changes do you expect to see in yourself while building your sales business?’

Direct Selling is a very good business opportunity for people from all walks of life but it requires people to develop themselves and want change. It requires a person to not only want to change his or her life but also to the lives of others through the exclusive and life-enhancing products that direct selling company offers and/or the business opportunity.

It is also very important for an aspiring direct selling professional to fully understand what Direct Selling is before they join the business. If the person feels that he or she is half-hearted or is having doubts, I suggest them to do more research and join only when they are 100% into it, equipped with the right knowledge and powered by the right intentions.

You came to a completely different position and acquired competencies that you did not have before. Can you tell us the shortest and most effective way – to get new knowledge and succeed? 

Always have an empty cup, be willing to learn and always welcome change positively because no one with a negative view on change can move forward. It’s all about attitude and adaptability. Welcoming change involves many things like stepping out of comfort zones, taking risks, having new sets of responsibilities and keeping a positive mindset —which are not easy feats but are achievable if you keep a sturdy and clear focus on what needs to be done and by not allowing discouraging thoughts or setbacks get in the way of embracing change. Embracing change brings knowledge and wisdom gained from experience, failures that makes you learn and become more resilient and of course, success.

Apart from your direct selling questions, do you have a list of more questions you want answering by our QNET VIPs? Leave us a comment on our QNET Official Instagram posts and we will see about making another Insta Talk Series! For now, share, share, share! 


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