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QNET IR Michael Dovinno: From Technician To Direct Selling Success


QNET IR Michael Dovinno, hailing from Indonesia, found out about QNET in 2012 from a friend, a senior from his university at the time. At his first he was sceptical – he didn’t understand the business model and was unsure of his friend’s proposition. When his friend told him that QNET was a sponsor of the Marussia team in Formula 1, he was shocked as he’d never heard of a network marketing company in Indonesia who was affiliated with a brand of that calibre. After giving it some serious thought, Michael Dovinno decided to give QNET and direct selling a shot.

The Beginning

In his previous job as a technician, Michael felt a serious lack of freedom. Like in most corporate jobs, he had to adhere to a schedule that was decided for him by his superiors and couldn’t make any of his own decisions. He yearned for the freedom to decide what he wanted to do, when he wanted to work, and in his own terms. Towards the end of 2013, he decided to join the QNET business full-time.

The QNET Difference

At QNET, we believe in enhancing lives, and in pushing people to do their best. Before, Michael Dovinno was shy and afraid to speak out to crowds. However, he would quickly come to surprise himself. The lessons that one learns when starting their own business come quicker than imaginable; he’d entered an entirely different world, one that required him to change as a person. He saw the challenge, and instead of avoiding it, he was drawn to it.

“I was a bit arrogant before. With the recognition I’d earned during my studies and achievements at work, I thought that I had the right to be that way. After joining QNET, I realised that how you treat other people is far more important than just having skills. Through this business, I learned to want to learn. No matter how successful you are, no matter how much you’ve achieved, if you stop learning, none of it would have mattered. I learned through my mentors that you have to keep learning and stay humble. I keep living these lessons until today.”

The Motivation

When asked what was his motivation, he told us that it didn’t dawn on him right away. He knew he wanted to make his loved ones happy, but he’d yet to take action at that point in his life. More than just achieving autonomy in his work, he wanted to build something to last.

“This business has shown me what was truly important in my life. When I faced rejections and friends’ doubts, at some point I just realised that I had to keep going. I had to fight on. When I felt down, I just thought of my mother. I wanted to see her proud of me; I wanted to show her that her son didn’t give up. I had to show her that her son had achieved something worthwhile.”

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The Reason

If not for our loved ones, it’s true that we would have nothing, or rather, no one to fight for. Anyone has the opportunity to succeed in QNET, but like anything worth having, it takes hard work. There will be plenty of hardships and challenges in the beginning and along the way, but to fight through them, one must have a reason. For Michael, that reason was his mother.


At QNET, more than just the business, I really feel that I am growing as a person. It’s taught me and continues to teach me many things, but the most important one is that I learned how to be the best version of myself.

QNET IR Michael Dovinno is a real inspiration to all aspiring independent representatives who are either just starting out in direct selling or are thinking of taking the plunge and picking QNET. With hard work, the desire to succeed and a real dedication to the principles of QNETPRO, anyone can see success.


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  1. I over heard someone talking about Qnet to a friend, I guess, and I’m interested in knowing how I can also make a difference in my village and life with Qnet.


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