Following up on our previous RYTHM inspired activity at the Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation in Egypt, QNET staff and IRs visited the hospital to spread cheer once again. Apart from replacing filter cartridges for the existing HomePure Water Filter units that were donated earlier during a previous CSR activity, QNET donated even more HomePure Nova filters to the hospital. This will help ensure that every child with cancer that passes through the Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation will have access to clean and safe drinking water.

QNET also distributed specially designed HomePure colouring books with crayons to the children as the HomePure mascot cheered the children who were at the hospital at the time. The children also received special goodies from the mascot.

Children's Cancer Hospital Foundation Egypt (1)

Apart from this, QNET donated HomePure pillows and blankets that will be given to the children that visit the hospital from home for their last stage of chemotherapy. This is to ensure that the children are comfortable and warm as they go through the gruelling process of fighting the disease.

The Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation in Egypt 57357 is a truly heart-warming project that is a symbol for what can be achieved when humanity comes together to work on a joint goal. The hospital was built entirely by donations, and is generously supported by Egyptians, well-wishers from around the world, especially the Arab world. It is their way of contributing to the future and being a part of positive change and goodness in the world.

This state-of-the-art Children’s Cancer Hospital was built to take the childhood cancer survival rate in Egypt from 40% to at least 75-80%. Within four years of its existence, the Children’s Cancer Hospital has managed to achieve a 75% overall survival rate among its child patients. The Hospital is also working on creating a new system of healthcare that relies strongly on new and modern scientific approaches. Apart from this, the hospital has partnered with Modern Schools of Egypt to provide in-hospital education for children who have to be in the hospital for longer periods of time.

At QNET, we relish in every opportunity we get to practice RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. This was just another one of those opportunities we are so proud to be a part of.


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