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QNET Success Story Gulsezim Katranova: “We Build Our Own Success”


Gulsezim Katranova from QNET in Kazakhstan found success in QNET, and is now one of the leading distributors in the country. Her journey so far has been proof of how, sometimes, following a clear plan does not always lead to the intended outcome, even if all every step is followed to the tee. It is a lesson in understanding your prospects, reorganising yourself, and following a new path.

A Long Road To Nowhere

Close relatives of Gulsezim Katranova successfully worked in the railway sector, and this influenced her choice of profession. She decided that it was only in such a job that she could make good money. Therefore, she made every effort to help her have a good start in a career in the railway industry. She earned two degrees as a lawyer and a process engineer. Her future seemed well written and quite clear.

However, working in the industry did not give her any joy. “I worked all week, and on weekends too. But the main disappointment was income because it was very difficult to live on that salary”, recalls Gulsezim Katranova. After spending four years pushing paper in an office, the reality of the long journey to success, low income and an endless working hours hit her. Owning her own apartment and car seemed like far-fetched dreams and unrealistic desires.

“The experience of working on the railroad helped me understand what kind of work regime I wanted and what I want to gain from work. Firstly, I realised that office work was not for me. I like to choose my own schedule and manage my own time. Secondly, by the age of 25, I knew for sure that if I wanted a better earning potential, I’d have to be my own boss. So, I started thinking about running my own business. We must build our own success”

The Right Landmarks

Gulsezim’s friends often talked about the opportunity to start a business with QNET. However, it was only after her sister invited her to attend a presentation that she agreed to join QNET as a distributor.  “I was often offered opportunities to attend presentations and talk about QNET, but I always refused and said that networking is not for me. I didn’t even think seriously about it. But I trusted my sister. Therefore, when she spoke about the prospects of business development — that you can not only earn but also travel around the world, joining QNET became inevitable. ”

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For Gulzesim Katranova, travelling abroad and being given the opportunity to see other countries was a secret dream. “I immediately bought a travel club membership for 30 years, and my first trip was to Dubai. That was 3 years ago. Since then, I have been to Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates several times, and celebrated New Year in Thailand thanks to tripsavr.”

Gulsezim loves what she does: “I like to travel. It is a strong motivation. But the work itself provides an opportunity for growth. I remember when I was just trained, it excited and motivated me, I felt unstoppable! I live in Pavlodar, but in 3 years I have already managed to grow my network in the cities of Western and Eastern Kazakhstan — in total, 12 cities. I like to meet likeminded people in different cities. New acquaintances always inspire me. Next in line is South Kazakhstan – Shymkent and Taraz.”

Gulsezim’s determination and passion for success in QNET is pure inspiration. We cannot wait to see what milestones she achieves next. Bookmark this story right now so that the next time you need a reminder that YOU can also make it in QNET as a distributor, you’re all set!


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