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QNET Success Story Zhanat Orazakhmetova: “Make Your Dream Your Main Motivation”


Seven years ago, Zhanat Orazakhmetova, our beloved distributor from Kazakhstan, decided to leave the civil service, despite her great prospects and high position.  For many of our QNET distributors, one of the most difficult decisions is to quit their previous job, and with it the prospect of familiarity, stability and status. One of our most inspirational QNET Success Stories, Zhanat Orazakhmetova is proof that if you want to take a step towards change and make a difference in your life, you should take that leap of faith.

What Was Your Life Like Before QNET?

I enjoyed respect and authority at my workplace and with my team, and I always knew that I could climb up the career ladder. At that time, I had very real prospects of becoming the head of the district. And it wasn’t just the achievements themselves, it was also the social status. Being in public service helped me establish good, useful contacts with people from various fields. Therefore, leaving the job for QNET was not easy. At that time, I had been developing my QNET business plan for a year. I realised that the more I work in business, the more I earn and the more I develop to be a better person. So, I wanted to use all my time. That’s why I took a leap of faith and left my civil service job.

What Were Your First Few Years At QNET Like? Did You Face Any Obstacles?

I can’t say that in the first year I had special results or that there was something to be proud of. My relatives and friends were surprised by my decision to quit the civil service after 10 months of working with QNET. They did not particularly support me. They said, “What are you doing? Where are you going? You are going nowhere! ” There were only a few people who believed in me, and even gave their consent to register with QNET. I still feel sincere respect and gratitude to them for such support. I knew then that I had made the right decision, and perhaps one of the most important in my life.

What Has Your QNET Journey Been Like?

During these past 8 years since I joined QNET, I have achieved tremendous results. And not just financial ones. When it was just the beginning, and I was writing about my dreams, my hands trembled. I wrote that I want to buy a Toyota Camry 40 car, but I myself did not believe that it was possible. Time has passed, now I drive a Maserati, and I have a personal driver. And I know that this is not the limit.

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How Do You Coach And Motivate Your Team?

I have my own approach in training my team. I do not suggest that they read hours and hours of business literature or look for examples of best practices from well-known networkers. This may not always work. I always tell my team that the main motivation is the dream with which you entered this business. Remember what you have been dreaming of all your life, write about your dream in a notebook and work towards making it a reality. The direct selling business has its challenges, just like any other business. The biggest challenge is to change your thinking and mindset. If you have patience and perseverance, everything is possible.

Zhanat Orazakhmetova is truly an inspiration for all of us to look up to and emulate in our QNET journey. Whether it is in the deep belief she had in her success at QNET, or the way she builds and motivates her team, we have a lot to learn from her. Kudos to her amazing work and we wish her all the best in the years to come!


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